Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Can't Stop

Today is my last day off of work.  It's probably a good thing for my body.  I am exhausted.  My arms and legs are bruised up.  My hands and fingernails are torn up and dry as a desert.  I am weary.  But, I can't stop moving.  Constant motion.  If there is an unpacked box, I must unpack it.  If I am driving by storage, I must stop and pack up a car.  If there is something that needs to be organized, I must do it.  And when I do sit still, I nearly pass out.  Not good for driving around.  But we are making a lot of progress.  We even managed a family dinner in the dining room on Sunday.  It felt good to get all 9 of us around the table without squeezing.

I managed to get all the boxes out of the living room area last night.  But now it is filled back up again because I went to storage....twice.   Jason and the kids don't seem to care as much.  That's just not me.

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Katie said...

I unpacked everything I could, whereas L just moved stuff around and around in the boxes. Drove me nuts! After all the main stuff was unpacked, I still had lots of boxes of stuff that worked/fit in the old house, but didn't quite have a place in the new house & those boxes still sit in the basement.

If you get time, post pics of the main floor level work in progress!