Friday, March 22, 2013

The Plot Thickens

On a whim, I emailed Caroline's teacher to see if maybe, just maybe she knew anything about the expander and if she would be willing to glance in Caroline's desk.  I just got an email back from her that she can see it in there in the back.  What.the.heck????


She said she brought it to Caroline's attention and she thanked her because "it costs like a billion dollars" and put it in her backpack.  Why didn't she put it in her mouth?  It supports my theory that something is wrong with it and that was why she was acting weird yesterday morning.  Although now I worry that she'll be adamant that she didn't know it was in her desk.  I can't take any more lies.  I am going to personally be there at her classroom door at dismissal today.  Can't wait to see her face.

File this under "Tween Drama."

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Heather said...

...this is such a does it end? how does it end? I am on the edge of my seat...going to text you....