Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Slight Change in Plans

We are still settling on the new house on Wednesday, April 24 but our actual moving/house prep plans have changed.  Initially, we had been thinking we would schedule the movers for Friday and use that Thursday to have house painting done.  We were planning on using this painter that came highly recommended by several of our neighbors who had their homes painted prior to move-in in a day at a really great price.  Problem is, we can't get in touch with him.  And as time as gone on, the more we've thought about it, the more we realize that we don't want to delay getting into the house for paint.  I'd love to have all the rooms painted at move in, but I don't know if it's worth the stress at this point.  However, I told Jason that this does not mean we will be putting off painting in any way.  In fact, soon after we move in, I want to start getting estimates on painting the foyer/living/dining/upstairs hallway because I don't want to wait.  We'll probably tackle the bedrooms ourselves though and I would be open to seeing how much it would cost additionally to get the family room and kitchen painted.  We have several friends who have had painting done in their houses recently so we should have plenty of references.  (Katie, I need to get Rusty's info!)

For the most part, I'm okay with it but I'm a little sad about not having the kids rooms painted when we move in.  They're the ones I care about the most in trying to make the house feel like home.  Plus, I bought them all those wall decals that I don't want to put up until we have a nice, non-flat paint on the walls.  I think we'll stick with similar colors but using Behr instead of Sherwin-Williams for their rooms.  We used Behr in all but one room in the old house and loved it.  (The one room we didn't use it in was NOT good.)  I will probably go for SW colors for our bedroom and the foyer/dining/living room since I like those colors so much and don't want anything but those colors.

Anyway, here's how we're going to roll for move in now.....

Wednesday:  Settlement and getting everything in the front of the big storage unit out that is blocking the big furniture.  (Thank goodness our storage unit is 5 minutes from the new house - that will speed things up significantly since it was 15 minutes away in the old house and going back and forth seemed to take forever.)

Thursday:  Movers in the AM to get all the big furniture out of storage - Jason and I starting the process of getting everything else out of storage.  Hanging blinds?!?!?

Friday:  More back and forth to storage, getting all of our necessities out of my parents' house (girls' beds, clothes, etc)  - Hoping to spend our first night in the new house!

Saturday:  Verizon hook up and washer/dryer delivery in the AM (Jason and Bryce have opening day for baseball with a parade...guess I will miss it again this year.)  More unpacking and storage runs...

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday....more of the same.  Jason is going back to work on Tuesday and I will go back on Wednesday.

From there, it's anyone's guess.  But it feels so good to actually start making plans now.  Kind of scared about the fact that it took us 2 months to fill our storage unit and we'll be unloading it much faster.  Just worried about not being able to find the most pressing items although I know the kids will be so excited to see some of their toys and belongings. I know I miss some of my clothes.  Counting down...

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