Monday, March 11, 2013

School Transfer

Now that we pretty much know we will NOT be in the new house by the beginning of the fourth quarter of school (April 15), I'm starting to reassess what we are going to do with the kids.  Way back in the fall when there was potential to easily be in the new house by the fourth quarter, I was a strong advocate of moving them sooner than later. But now that we won't even settle until the earliest April 15, I am thinking that leaving them in their current school is the best option.

One of my motivating factors was Caroline and the relationships (or lack-thereof) with her fellow classmates.  Things have improved greatly so I'm not as worried with letting her finish the year out.  I even asked her what she would want to do if given a choice and she said to finish the year.  (Although I think part of it could be because of her budding relationship with Joey...more on that later....I can't handle it!) 

I think Bryce actually wants to finish the year with his class, so he's an easy sell too.   Here's hoping that over the summer I can take the kids in for a tour or something.  I'm not sure how they handle new kids or how they assign them to their new teachers.  I need to talk to some of my connections who already have kids there.  

So I guess now we just need to let the teachers know to anticipate that we'll be there for the rest of the year. My only other issue is that if they had transferred to the new school that they would have been able to ride the bus to and from school which would have helped my FIL immensely since he will be the one taking over for the remainder of the school year once my MIL starts watching the twins when Kelly goes back to work.  I feel kind of bad about it since it's out of the way but they're already doing it now so hopefully it's not a big deal.  But I do need to talk to them about it.

I will just need to figure out when to do all the transfer paperwork to make sure that my kids are assigned to the proper classes for next year.  I will need to get Piper registered for kindergarten (ack!) too.  

Summer starts in mid-June and we've just firmed up our plans for that.  I was thinking that perhaps we were going to have to look into some kind of daycare for the summer but it looks like we've figured it out.  My mom will continue to do Mondays, my FIL wants Fridays, and then between me, Jason, and my brother, we will do Wednesdays.  As for Tuesday/Thursday, a former co-worker of mine and I connected and her 15 year old daughter is going to be watching the kids for those two days.  The kids are excited that they don't have to go to a daycare and that they will have a teenager watching them.  I have high hopes as she has some camp counseling experience and is very artsy/craftsy.  I'll have her meet the kids once we are in the new house though. 

I'm feeling a lot better about this now as I was having major anxiety realizing we needed to figure out summer plans and thinking about the move, etc.  At least this has worked out!!


Erin said...

I liked finishing out the year at the old school and starting fresh in the fall... I think it was easier on Ben, for sure. We moved around the same time of year you will be. We had to do the summer transfer thing and it was no big deal.. did not get a tour over the summer... but that turned out to work out okay...they have open house right before school starts, right? Ben was assigned a buddy the first month of school to make sure he got where he needed to be and whatnot. :) Hope it's just as easy for you guys!

Erika said...

Thanks, Erin. I hope so too. Kids are way more resilient than adults and switching schools would stress me out now (is stressing me out) but I know they will weather it fine. I didn't even think about the pre-opening open house. Doh! Yes, I know they do it there too. I like the buddy idea, especially for Caroline. I might get in touch with the guidance counselor ahead of time just to make contact and ask about it. Thanks!!

Erin said...

My big worry with Ben is that with him going in as a second grader, him not knowing the simplest of things about the school... like where the bathrooms are... might get overlooked... but the buddy thing was SO great. He never had a problem. :) Definitely a great idea on the school's part... I'm sure yours does it too. Getting in touch with guidance is a great plan!

Erin said...

is = was... past tense.. sorry! ;)

Katie said...

I'd wait to start fresh too if you can do it. Your kids are social and will fit right in, I'm sure. Don't forget to enjoy the process! I know it is causes anxiety, but you are making it work, don't forget to stop & enjoy!!!! A new school & house! Very awesome!