Thursday, March 07, 2013

Rain Day

So the snow day we were supposed to get was a complete bust on our side of town.  Schools closed, work closed and I didn't see a SINGLE FLAKE.  Not one.  The temp never dropped below 36 degrees.  We live   east of 95 and apparently that was the rain/snow line although from the looks of being just west of it today they didn't get a whole lot either but at least they could say that it snowed.

But while I was disappointed that the kids didn't have any snow to play in, it wasn't a total loss.  We were off of school/work together and I didn't have to shovel any snow or clean up the mess of kids playing out in said snow.  Although Bryce did get a bit bored and full of energy - especially since he'd had his DS taken away the night before for being mean to Piper.  My mom was off though and thankfully took Piper with her on her grocery store and warehouse runs which helped keep Bryce from being a complete mess.

The kids played Wii, on the computer, read, played, and just messed around.  I got to read for a little while and didn't do a whole lot.  Later in the evening, my mom and the kids made a batch of beignets with the mix she brought back from New Orleans.  

All kids back to school today and me back to work but it certainly was nice having a mid-week break.  Caroline was supposed to start the MSA Math yesterday but they'll be doing the testing today and tomorrow now.  She has psyched herself up and was reminded by her teacher that her class has been doing a lot of 4th grade level work so they should be fine.  I could tell she was doing her best to feel good about herself this morning as she wore her favorite, most fashionable outfit and did her hair in her favorite way.  (I love how much time she'll put into her accessories and her "look.")

Hard to believe tomorrow is Friday. I'm looking forward to the weekend because the kids will be spending the night with my IL's on Friday so Jason and I can go to our house on Saturday morning to measure for blinds!!  Cannot wait to spend more than just a few minutes in the house.  I think my mom is going to come along too since she hasn't been inside since it was newly framed.  Then after that we'll go up to my IL's for the day and maybe Kelly/Jesse and the twins will be there.  I'm also really wanting to take the kids to see Oz : Great and Powerful and since they have a movie gift card, I'm not sure if we'll go on Sunday or wait until next weekend.

Still no official settlement date but we locked in our interest rate this week and are in the process of collecting all of our documents to submit for final mortgage approval so the ball is certainly rolling.  Still keeping my fingers crossed for the earlier half of April.  Watch it be 4/15 exactly....or 4/16 which is Jason's birthday.  (That would actually be funny if it was since we settled on the old house on my birthday.)

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