Monday, March 11, 2013

Ides of March

Well I guess technically that's 4 days a way, but I'm saying it'd mid-March now. Had a good weekend especially because the weather was delightful.  Hard to believe it was only 58-60 degrees but it felt wonderful.

Friday night the kids went home with my MIL so Jason and I took advantage to get a quick bite to eat and run an errand.  Then we came home and cleaned and did some random housework.

Saturday morning we got a few more household tasks done and met our sales agent at the house to measure for blinds.  She actually left us there and we were in the house by ourselves for well over an hour.  One of our new neighbors even came and hung out with us for a bit.  It was nice to be able to be in the house, unobserved for a bit and really discuss the placement of things.  I am so excited about having more counter and cabinet space in the kitchen and have all these ideas for making better organizing choices that I didn't do as good a job of in the old house.   We now have all of our granite (kitchen) countertops installed along with our kitchen sink too.  I looks great!  They also installed the stone on our fireplace and have all the toilets and bathroom sinks installed too.  They have the hardwood flooring installed in the powder room and under where the appliances will go - otherwise they wait for things to be almost complete before they put it all down.  All the vinyl was installed in the bathrooms and laundry room too.  It looked great!

After that we went up to my IL's house to spend the day with the kids and Kelly/Jesse and the babies.  It was a nice day and Caroline spent about 3 hours total holding the babies - it was the cutest thing.  She was really soaking them up.   And the weather was so nice we even got them out for their first walk.

Sunday morning marked the crash into daylight saving time and we kind of poked around in the morning doing laundry and figuring out what to do with our day.  In the end we grabbed some lunch and then took the kids to Eastern Regional Park where they played on the playground, practiced some soccer, and we took a long hike back through one of the trails.  I was hoping to make sure they were good and tired at the seemingly earlier bedtime.  Me too, for that matter.

We had a nice dinner with my parents and got the kids into bed without any real problem.  Jay and I watched the DVRed Justin Timberlake SNL and I was feeling sleepy but as soon as I went to bed I was wide awake.  So rather than being sleep deprived as a result of the time change, I have that to combat along with getting about 2 hours less sleep because of some minor insomnia.  I'm feeling rough this morning and having a 9am meeting on the other side of campus doesn't help.

The other quick stop we made yesterday was at the model and I grilled our sales agent about when we would get our settlement date.  I was peeved when she said, "Well, your house is actually ahead of schedule right now..."  REALLY!?!?!?  Ahead?  Funny because back when we signed our contract we were told maybe by the end of January.  Then when we had our pre-construction meeting we were told end of February - max!  Knowing how house building goes, I figured late March.  So now to be told it's "ahead" of schedule is kind of an insult.  And then our hopes of settling in early April were kind of dashed because she said "typically the company won't settle in the first half of the month because of interest reasons."  Grrrrreat.  So we're looking at April 15 as the EARLIEST possible date now.  And again, we still don't have a date.  I asked them how far in advance should we expect to get it and she said typically about 30 days so as March 15 quickly approaches, my frustration grows.  This is where I'm really missing our former sales agent...he was so much more approachable and helpful.

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Katie said...

Your settlement date timeframe is matching up with our timeframe for when we built our house. We settled at the end of April & move in on May 1st. It was nice to have the warm weather, but ohhhhhh, the anticipation. We were always told April though, so there was no getting our hopes up and being let down. We just wanted to be in the house before the baby (Teagan) was born. I'm sure you are ready to be in your own space with your own stuff.