Wednesday, March 20, 2013

His Growing Strength

File this one under: Son Issues

Bryce is now 7 1/2 years old and we've recently had to start laying this line on him:

"Bryce, you don't know your own strength.  You need to go easy on your sisters!"

This is new territory for me.  We've never had this issue with Caroline.  Thin, kind of wispy, Caroline.  Yes, she's strong and can inflict injury (what kid can't?) but her brand is much different than Bryce's.

Ever since Bryce was little we noticed that he was SOLID.  Never fat (although he had the sweetest chubby cheeks as a baby), just solid as a rock.  Jason always remarked when he'd pick Bryce up as a toddler how solid he was and how different he felt than lifting Caroline.  Now that he's 7 1/2, he's still several inches shorter than Caroline but about the same weight.  But the weird thing is if you pick her up, she's easy.  If you pick him up, you wonder if you're giving yourself a hernia.  Funny how the same weight can be felt so differently.

In the summer, the kids LOVE having Jason throw them in the pool.  Piper is obviously easy and Caroline's not too hard for him either.  But Bryce?  Jason has a hard time lifting him out of the water.  Also, both girls can float on their backs easily (Piper can float for a ridiculous amount of time - it's amazing, frankly) but Bryce sinks like a rock.  Thank goodness he's a good swimmer although we had a lot more coaxing to do with him to get him swimming than we did with the girls.  Caroline was swimming without swimmies before age 4 and, Piper, well you know...age 2.  But Bryce was almost 5 before he was confident enough to swim by himself and I think a lot of that is because of his buoyancy.

Anyway, being that he's such a solid kid it should come as no surprise that I worry now when he gets physical with his sisters.  Most of the time it's when they are messing around he pounces on them or grabs on and is able to get them to the floor in seconds.  It's becoming obvious that his male genes are kicking in and overpowering them is easy.  He's not using it to his advantage, but it wouldn't take much more for someone to really get hurt, especially Piper since the two of them like to chase, wrestle, and get into pretend fight situations.  (Thank you Ninja Turtles.)

Bryce has always been my most physical kid.  He's a boy - I'm not surprised.  But the other funny thing about Bryce is that he would still love being carried around if I let him.  He loves to jump up into my arms for hugs and kisses.  He loves to snuggle and wrap himself around you.  Picking him up from a dead stand is almost impossible now so I will often sit him on a counter and hug him from there.  He loves to be held and loved.  And that is how he's been since the day he was born....some things don't change.  Although don't try hugging or kissing him at school because that is NOT okay anymore.

He's a sweet heart and completely passionate (which also explains his fiery temper) and it's just interesting to watch him grow in comparison to the girls.  I just hope we can teach him that he needs to be more careful as he gets older and stronger.

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Katie said...

My bros were into that WWF stuff and I learned of full nelsons (?) and pile drivers and all that crap early on. We had to learn to be tough (and the release moves),
But my mom also had a strict no hitting girls rule. Period. So they could not retaliate physically when we would annoy them.