Monday, March 04, 2013

Grandparents Return = Kids Crazy

My parents were in NOLA for all of last week and returned on Saturday afternoon.  The kids missed them SO much.  So much.  Bryce cried the  night before they left and sent my mom emails the whole time she was gone saying how much he missed her.  All week Bryce and Piper kept asking when they were coming back. (Caroline didn't need to ask since she knew it was Saturday.)  All day Saturday, Bryce kept asking what time they were getting back.  It was a little annoying.  Finally, the time came for me to drive down to BWI and get them so Bryce and Piper came along.  We pulled up to baggage claim and waited (my dad texted they were waiting for their bags) and so began the constant "worry" by Bryce and Piper that they wouldn't find us.  At last they appeared and the kids were SOOOOO happy.  Lots of hugs and kisses and we drove home.

However, upon arriving home the kids became lunatics.  They were so happy to have my parents home and so happy for the little gifts my mom brought them.  My mom brought a red boa back to Piper and based on the feathers around the house you'd think that a dead chicken was molting - they are EVERYWHERE.  (Piper loved it and said she felt so pretty in it.)

And while I wouldn't say that the kids were calm while my parents were gone, they were definitely way more amped up upon their return - especially Bryce and Piper.  They were running around like maniacs, fighting more, yelling more and getting into everything.  I could tell it was getting to my mom by Sunday morning.  (As you would expect it to!)  And then to add to it, Sunday evening we were celebrating my mom's birthday so my siblings and their loves were coming over which is another reason to make my kids act like idiots.

We sat down to dinner and they could not sit in their chairs.  They barely ate and before we knew it the younger two were crawling around on the floor and under the table acting like animals.  (Literally)  Clearly, Jason and I had had it.  I commented to my mom that while it was certainly not my parents' fault, their arrival home had resulted in the kids being poorly behaved and then add the excitement of my brother coming over (OMG, they LOVE him) and you have a perfect storm.

My mom's comment?  "Do you think it has something to do with them just feeling completely happy and loved?"

At first I thought no, they are just being jerks.  But then I really thought about it and I think she was right.  They were SO happy to have my parents home and then were SO happy to have my siblings over - they were just doing their own version of celebrating.  Exhausting, but true.  Thankfully, the night ended well and we got the kids settled into bed.  Here's hoping getting them back into a normal week will help.  But you know what would really help?  Spring.  Yeah.  Spring.  Please?

I can't believe how cold it has been for early March and now they are calling for a dump of snow on Wednesday.  Ugh.  Please let that be winter's final curtain call.  My kids need to get out of the house and RUN and BIKE and SCOOT.  I'm thinking a lot of this energy has been a result of cabin fever too.  Piper went outside for a little bit yesterday and then came back in complaining it was too cold and I totally agreed.

I'm just ready for spring.  I'm ready for warm weather and sunshine.  I'm ready to get into our new house.  I'm ready.  Winter can be done and behind us.

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