Monday, March 25, 2013

Expander Found

I picked Caroline up from school on Friday and she looked surprised to see me but not overly so.  I told her to open her mouth and she said the expander was in her pocket.  Why not in her mouth?  Well, I guess one day of not wearing it will cause your mouth to start going back to its old shape.  She was adamant that she just forgot she put it in her desk and it got pushed back.  We drilled her but she didn't change her story.  It still didn't make sense.  How she could forget that quickly (after school breakfast) that she had taken it out and put it in her desk and then came up with some story about it being at home?  But given the fact of how relieved I was that I wasn't having to pay $268 for a new one, I was less interested in working the details out of her because I don't think she was budging.  She knows how crucial things are with her expander and how much it costs.  She also knows we don't quite trust her right now so there's that too.  If she hadn't been so diligent with it to this point, I'd be more concerned.  Thankfully, I just turned the dials back two turns and it fit back in her mouth.  We'll catch up to where the dentist wants us to be quickly.

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Bracken said...

This is where I am happy Sydney's stuff is stuck in your mouth and not removable. She may have a mouth full of metal but I don't have to stress about her taking it out and losing it.

Glad you found it and that it only took 2 turns back to get it to fit again.