Thursday, March 14, 2013

Damn DST!

As much as I love Daylight Saving Time for the longer, lighter evenings, I hate how difficult it makes things with the kids.  And because they are all three in the same room, it's making it tougher at bedtime.  Even though it's been VERY difficult to maintain our 8pm bedtime lately, even getting Piper in bed at 8:30 hasn't been easy.  Usually, if you wait until 8:30 with her, she falls asleep quickly.  But now, she's WIDE AWAKE.  I even admit to using small doses of melatonin to assist her because she will not go to sleep.  And the rule seems to be in our family, if Piper is awake, EVERYONE is awake.

Our usually successful bedtime routine since we've been at my mom's on school nights has been to get Piper to bed between 8 and 8:30 while reading to Bryce in our room and Caroline is finishing getting ready for bed.  Piper would go to sleep, Bryce would go to sleep in our room and be carried in when Jason comes to bed, and Caroline would crawl up in her bunk to read for a short bit at 9pm.  No problem.  They are all going to sleep alone - our problems were solved.

But this week with the light lasting longer we're all out of whack.  We've been eating dinner much later which in turn means the kids are going upstairs later and settling down later.  And then on top of that, Piper won't go to sleep.  So even though Bryce is in our room, he can still hear Piper who won't settle down and then before I know it, Caroline is going to bed while Piper is still awake and all kinds of antics persist.  Last night we thought they were settled and went downstairs but then could hear them carrying on.  It was close to 10pm when Jason finally went up and told them he was going to bed and to GO TO SLEEP!!!  In fact, when I went up around 10:30, Bryce and Jason were in our bed together sleeping.  I actually contemplated just going to sleep in Bryce's bed but realized I'd have no alarm to wake me at 6am and didn't want to wake the kids up.  (As it turned out, Piper woke up early herself at that time and woke Bryce in the process.  Nice.)

You'd think that they'd be a little sleep deprived and it would have worked itself out by now.  (Something that I've learned to wait for as a parent and not fret about them not getting enough sleep for a night or two.)  But no.  It's really amazing how much of an effect this one hour has on us and how long it takes us to adjust.  I think adjustment is easy in the fall even though you don't like the dark evenings but springing forward is rough.

This is always a lot easier when each of the kids are in their own rooms since they are in their own spaces and further away from each other.  In the new house none of their rooms will be immediately next to one another since they'll all have the buffer of a bathroom, laundry room, or hallway between them.  YAY!  But alas, that's 40 days away and I sure hope that we'll be adjusted by then.

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