Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crossword for Pop Pop

Piper is such a thoughtful, sweet little girl. (When she wants to be.)  Yesterday, my mom took her to lunch when they were out and about in their errands. After lunch she kept telling my mom to please not throw away the bag that her lunch came in.  Please, please, please!  She never said why but my mom didn't question it since she had put some things inside of it.

However, as soon as my dad got home from work, we found out why.  On the bag was a small crossword puzzle and she knew he liked them so she saved it for him.  As soon as he walked in the door she met him and showed him the bag.  I know I teared up seeing him hug and thank her for thinking of him.

After Piper was in bed, my dad made sure to do that crossword puzzle and left it for her to find this morning.  (My dad goes to work VERY early!)  She was so happy to see that he'd done it.

Thoughtfulness just isn't something you teach.  It's something that comes naturally and I love seeing it in Piper.

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