Friday, March 01, 2013

Bryce's Beauty Treatment

Laying in Bertie's bed with my sock hands
and my friend, Bettlebutt.
Earlier this week around bedtime I noticed that Bryce's hands were very rough and even chapped and red in places.  As a boy, I don't know how much he cared that they were rough, but he certainly complained about his hands hurting when I brought it to his attention.  I told him he needed to try Caroline's recent beauty regimen where she puts lotion on her hands before bed and then sleeps with socks on them to help them really absorb the lotion.

I assumed that Bryce would want NOTHING to do with it but instead he was very eager to try it.  He woke up the first morning and was so happy that his hands felt so much better but was mad that he still had some red spots.  I told him it was because his hands were really dry and they needed time to heal so he should repeat the process.  Well, he has...for three nights in a row!  He loves waking up in the morning and feeling how soft his hands are.

I think I've converted him.  In fact, Caroline still does this on a regular basis and this is the first winter that her hands don't feel like sandpaper.  (My hands never got this bad when I was a kid - I'm convinced it's because of all the hand sanitizer they make them use in school now...ugh, I HATE that stuff.)

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Katie said...

Emily does the sock treatment too! Her hands are terribly dry. I blame the sanitizers too. Lucy's haven't gotten bad yet.