Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back on Track

For the past month since our original sales agent in our new community, Matt, was transferred to another community, we haven't been feeling as connected to the house building process.  Matt gave us weekly updates (without fail) and kept us apprised of what was going on with the house.  We always felt welcome to drop by the model and he was always genuinely happy to see us.  We know for sure that he was transferred to another community because he is EXCELLENT at what he does and the community his company transferred him to needed a lot of help.  (He's since sold several homes since arriving there.)

He left in early February and since then we've gotten one update.  Yes, we've been by to see the house but they haven't been forthcoming with our updates.  We keep asking about completion and while a date hasn't been picked yet, no other information has been volunteered.  Finally, this morning after realizing how down Jason and I were feeling, I decided to send Matt an email.  He told us that we could contact him if we had any questions/issues and that he was still somewhat tied to the houses that he had sold.  In my email, I told him that while realize that quality homes take time to build we have been patient and just haven't felt like we are being kept up to date on everything.  Within a half hour he responded that he was "on it" and that we could count on him even though he wasn't right there in the community anymore.  Another half hour later, we got our weekly update that was chock full of details and information.  Even though there was no settlement date, he gave us insight to the process like why our stone pillars on the front porch weren't installed yet and when the hardwood floors would be installed (when we get heat later this week).  Apparently there was some issue with the stone company but that has now been resolved and it is on its way.  He also checked if we wanted railings on our front porch (yes!) - something that no one had asked us yet.

Even though we know we are looking at an April settlement, I'm okay with it now.  I know it's progressing and I know what's coming.  I know that we have someone we can count on helping us through this process like we did before.  I feel so relieved and connected again and I know that Jason does too.  Matt really has been a gem and it's because of him we feel so connected to the community to begin with.  It's because of the events he had at the model over the first few months after we signed our contract that introduced us to so many of our neighbors.  I can't tell you how much more exciting this process has been to already know people there.  Not saying we'll all be best friends but it's nice to feel neighborly and welcomed when you are visiting.  Almost every time we visit, we end up talking to one of our surrounding neighbors and I absolutely love it.

My mood today has been like today's weather - stormy and gray this morning but warm(ish) and sunshiny this afternoon.  I know we'll be counting down the days to our official settlement date in no time!!


Katie said...

So close! Better to wait till the warm weather & your floors will be spared all of that salt & winter mud.

Erika said...

April also means a good chance of our yard being sodded when we move in rather than after the fact like the people settling in March will have. :) If that's the case, the movers can move the basement furniture in directly in through the basement door because they can walk through the yard. April will be a better time to move, I agree. I don't mind as much now that I know what's going on.