Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What's Different?

Do you see what's changed on our house?  We drove up yesterday and the kids noticed instantly but it took me a second.  I showed Jason the photo later and he didn't notice it until I told him.

No idea?

Shutters!  :)  Of course Piper got a little miffed that her room won't have shutters.  Quite honestly, I'm glad we only have 4 of them.  After paying to replace shutters on 7 windows on our old house, I'm glad not to have as many to worry about in the future.

You can't see the major progress inside though.  I didn't go inside but inside they were installing our cabinets, trim, and painting!!

However, there was some excitement on Sunday evening.  Apparently one of the contractors left a door open after they were working on Sunday and our new neighbor, Shane, noticed that one of the garage doors was up.  Being the neighborly guy that he is (and knowing our cabinets were inside), he went over to shut it.  While he was doing that, he saw someone walk through the house!  (Mind you, it was dark as there's no electric in the house and he only had his flashlight.)  He quickly bolted and called the police.  Within 90 seconds they were there!  6 cars, a helicopter and police dog!  They thoroughly checked the house and area and didn't find anyone or any damage.

They're pretty sure it was either just some random person checking out houses or someone looking for stuff to steal but didn't have the chance.  Right now there isn't that much that can be stolen from the house since all the wires/pipes are covered and cabinets are too heavy to move without having a car to put them in (this person didn't have a vehicle).   Thankfully, there was no damage and work resumed on Monday.  Our assistant sales manager was very angry hearing that all this was a result of a house being left open.  She always checks before she leaves but often contractors stay late so there's no way to assure that they are always locked.  Thank goodness our new neighbor cares enough to look out for other people!  It truly could have just been a curious person but the thought of random people wandering around in a dark house is kind of creepy.  Based on this, our builder has taken the interactive site map down from their website which gave the ability to see what each house's building status was.  I'm sure locking doors will be a much bigger issue now.  As it stands, the community already only has one road to enter/exit which makes it more secure and they have a camera at the entry since stealing from construction zones is so common.

Facebook blew up with all the activity and it was nice to see so many neighbors looking out for each other.  More reasons I'm happy we're moving to this community - people actually care!  Although I guess this is the most excitement they've ever had down there so quite a few people were shaken up by the number of police on the scene.

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