Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Visiting Saturday

Saturday was a long day, but a very good day!

Jason took my parents to the airport early that morning so they could catch their flight to New Orleans.  I was jealous they were getting out of this cold for a while but happy for them as they always have a good time whenever they go on trips together.  Once Jason returned, we packed up and headed west on 70 to visit my grandmother in Hagerstown.

However, we made a pit stop on the way out there at another community (by our same builder) where our former sales agent, Matt, had recently been moved.  The kids were thrilled to see him and had a great time wandering around a huge and beautiful model.  Check out one of the rooms in the basement.  Bryce loved it (but wouldn't pose for any photos)!!

While it was definitely waaaay too much house for my personal liking, I did really like the way it was decorated and fell in love with the family room wall color - I'm thinking maybe for our kitchen (that's a whole blog post I need to do though): 

Of course Matt gave them snacks and they were happy for the rest of our trip:

We arrived just after noon at MeeMaw's as I told her we would and we had a very nice lunch together.  While we were getting lunch, the girls showed off their twin look that they had self-coordinated for the day (even down to the pig tails):

The kids were just so good all day.  They played nicely together in my grandmother's sun room, were very conversational at lunch, and then Bryce and I played Uno with MeeMaw for over an hour while Bryce ate his weight in grapes.  Later in the afternoon, the kids went and got her mail and then Piper put on a dance show for her.  It was getting into the evening, so we went and got a quick bite to eat at the local Denny's courtesy of MeeMaw and then got ready to make our way back to Baltimore.  The kids even let me snap this photo before we left and it really was representative of the nice day we'd had.  Caroline gave MeeMaw lots of hugs and kisses and was just so sweet to her.  I hope that MeeMaw had as good a day as we did.

We made it back to Baltimore around 9pm and got the kids into bed without issue.  Three cheers for a busy and well spent Saturday!!

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