Tuesday, February 19, 2013


With the siding being delivered on Friday, we had a feeling it wouldn't be long before it was installed.  And we were right!  We got a message from our future neighbor that they had been working all day and that we should stop by to see it.  We were so excited!!

The interesting thing about this color is that it looks completely different in different photos/lights.  It is called Cobblestone Wicker and while it is definitely in the tan family, it has some yellow undertones that show at different times of the day.   

For example, here is the photo our neighbor took earlier in the day (and from afar).  It looks much lighter and almost yellowish:

Flash forward to when I arrived:

And then again in this shot, you can see it looks lighter/yellower:

I kind of like that it's not always looking the same color.  But what I was most excited about was how the white trim POPS.  Jason loved it too.  All the white trim around the windows and doors along with the white corner pieces just gives it such a great look!  Since we had never seen our house (or a rendering) with siding, we had no idea how it would look and we were crossing our fingers!

Now that the siding is done, the next exterior steps will be to complete the front porch (with stone pillars), hang the shutters on the windows above the garage, and install the covering on the shake (the triangle above the front porch side).  The windows on the front porch half of the house don't get shutters and have a wider white trim around them which is kind of hard to see in these photos.  The shake color is a greenish that coordinates with the siding but exactly what it looks like I really cannot remember - hoping for another happy surprise in the coming days.

I saw our asst. sales agent on the way out of the development and I asked her how settlement dates are determined and she said that the building manager determines that and then contacts someone at corporate to pick the date.  Here's hoping it's soon!!

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