Friday, February 15, 2013

RIP Cleo

On Tuesday, the twins were born.  Caroline was just so happy!

But on Wednesday, we got some sad news.  My MIL's cat, Cleo, had to be put to sleep.  Cleo was Caroline's absolute favorite cat.  Sandy called to tell us the news and asked if we would tell her so that she wouldn't have to tell her first thing on Thursday morning.

In a way it wasn't a complete surprise because Sandy had been noticing that Cleo had been losing a lot of weight and took her to the vet last week and found out she had kidney disease which is common in older cats.  On Saturday morning, Sandy called to see if Caroline would want to come with her to the vet to learn how to give Cleo IV fluids to help her get better.  They were also going to change her diet and hope for the best.  Caroline loved being at the vet and being with Cleo.  I guess the fluids they gave her made her feel better because she was purring very loudly.  I'm so glad Caroline had that time with her.

However, I guess the treatment wasn't enough and Sandy found on Wednesday that Cleo couldn't walk anymore.  The vet was pretty sure that she had developed a blood clot which had cut off circulation to one of her legs.  Again, something common in cats with this kind of kidney disease.  Sandy and Tom made the decision to let the vet put Cleo to sleep - she was suffering.  Both of my ILs were really upset too - Cleo was one of their first cats.

Jason was the one who told Caroline and she took the news pretty well but a little later she came downstairs and I just hugged her while she cried.  My MIL still has one more cat but Emmy's not as nice as Cleo was to Caroline.  Caroline went downstairs and wrote a bunch of emails to her grandparents and to her Uncle Jeremy who also loved Cleo a lot.  She wrote me an email too to tell me how sad she was and asking for a cat.

And here's the thing, even though I've never really been a cat person I wish there was a way for Caroline to have a cat.  I KNOW how much she would love it and I know how much it would mean to her.  The fact that I even would consider it tells you how much I love my daughter and know how much this would make her happy since I've never  been a cat person.

But unfortunately, we were not meant to be a cat family.  Yes, Caroline and Bryce are getting allergy shots that include cat dander, but I am still allergic.  (Piper probably will be too, eventually, given her genetics.)  And then on top of that, I know how much damage some cats do to houses - especially NEW houses and new carpets! - and I just don't want to invite that as I get frustrated enough with the messes that the kids make.  And then you add vet bills, cat litter boxes, and having to worry about the animal when you go away and I just can't do it.

A dog is more possible (because I really like dogs), but then dogs are worse when it comes to having to be home for them.  And you have to worry about them a lot more in terms of behavior and taking them out or fencing in your hard.

And then there's the reason Jason doesn't want to do it again...losing a pet.

If there was a cat I could guarantee would not pee on my carpets (or rip up my furniture), would be very low in vet costs,  and wouldn't irritate my allergies, I would consider it.  Robot cat, anyone?


Katie said...

Im sorry about cleo. Im thinking of a dog myself. i know it is a lot of work and mess and some people think i'm crazy for adding more work to my load, but i feel very strongly about the life lessons and love that pets & dogs bring. i'm aiming for three years out... a dog would be with us until kids go to college, but first we need a fenced yard and no babies. I just feel that every kid needs a dog(/pet), especially our little boy who has three big sisters! he'll need man's best friend to play with over the years. LOL. We'll see... still TBD.

Erika said...

My heart feels the same way about wanting the kids to have a "real" pet (I don't count anythings besides a dog or cat a real pet having had fish, hamster, and rabbits myself growing up.) I know that it's a good experience for them and how much I loved having a dog. And I know how much they would LOVE it.

But my brain is over ruling that. I KNOW that the animal's care will often fall to me and Jay - I don't care how much they say it won't. And the reality of saying you'll get rid of it if they don't take care of it is not a threat I know I'd be able to follow through with.

I probably feel the way people who don't have kids feel if they are on the fence about having kids. Ha! You end up going for it because your heart overrides your my case my head is winning.

Erin said...

Anyone want some guinea pigs?

Erika said...

@Erin - guinea pigs were the first animals we ever discovered I was allergic to when I was 3.

Lisa said...

I am sorry to hear abut your in-laws cat. My daughter came home with a cat the day after I had surgery. The cat is now 8 months old. She is precious. We were not cat people and I still consider myself a dog person. The cat is very entertaining. I say once my dogs are gone there will no more dogs. They really do need more attention than a cat, but our house is complete with the cat.