Thursday, February 28, 2013

Photo Brag

On Monday, I took the day off to stay home with Piper and run the kids to and from school.  My mom and dad are in New Orleans this week and I didn't want to ask my MIL to come down an extra day since I knew that she might want to spend the day with Kelly and the babies.

On the day we met the twins for the first time, I mentioned to Kelly that I was off and would she want me to come and take some photos of the girls.  While I do NOT consider myself to be any kind of seasoned photographer, I know a little bit about exposure, f-stops, and lighting and that if you take enough photos you'll get a few good ones.

Well, I feel like I hit pay dirt on Monday!  I took individual shots of both babies and while several of them turned out really good, the ones of them together turned out fantastic!  I gave all the originals to Jesse and Kelly and they are going to use them for a few things but Jesse has shared this one a few places so I thought I'd share it with you too.

And here is one of my mom and MIL's favorites:

I just adore my little nieces and these photos make me love them even more!  But this also makes me realize I could never have a career in photography.  One of the reasons I did this was because I truly love them (much like I love taking photos of my own kids) and I think, for me, to take a good photo, I really need to be invested.  

I wish I'd had a better camera when my kids were babies.  Sigh.  I guess Lily and Harper better get used to me taking their photos.  I was so proud to give such special photos to Jesse and Kelly and to have them met with such appreciation.  The gift that keeps on giving....


Katie said...

The top one should be their birth announcement! Really nice.

Can you come take pics of my kids??!!

Erika said...

Thanks, K. I knew you'd appreciate it. Newborns are SUCH great subjects!!