Monday, February 11, 2013

Parental Reasoning

We took the kids to Disney on Ice yesterday afternoon because Piper wasn't able to go with her class last week.   We found the least expensive tickets possible and even though we were a little ways back, the kids still enjoyed it.  I was kind of amazed watching parents fork over so much money for food and souvenirs for their kids.  I broke down and bought a $12 bucket of popcorn because the kids were overwhelmed with the smells of all the other expensive food.  Once I bought that, they stopped asking for other things (cotton candy) and were happy.  I brought water along to keep from having to buy soda too.  They still enjoyed it even though I didn't buy them a $20 program or a $20 light, flashy, whirly thing that annoyed the crap out of me for every other kid that had one.  But I digress....

They had a good time except for the behavior of some of the families/children around us. Poor Caroline was knocked in the head so many time by these rude kids behind her.  The mother was oblivious or would make some lame attempt to calm them down - Jason made a comment but the woman just didn't seem to care.  (Piper put her foot on the guy's shoulder in front of us once and I made a point to tell her to be careful because it was rude.)  And then behind Bryce, Piper and I, there was a kid that would NOT shut up.  He talked LOUDLY the entire time.  Not that you needed it to be quiet to hear what was going on, but not hearing him yammering on would have been nice. I also couldn't get over at how late people were coming into the 40 minutes late!  Not just a few people, a LOT of people.  Why would you pay all that money to show up so late and then be loud and not care that you are blocking other people's viewing, especially because you are coming in so late.

The kids were very well behaved and didn't say much of anything until we got in the car and started talking about the show.  They couldn't get over how rude and disrespectful the other kids around them were.  Jason and I listened to them vent and then Jason told them, "See, now you guys understand why we are constantly reminding you guys of how to behave in public.  We don't want YOU to be THOSE kids."  And upon him saying that, I think they "got it."  I could see the expressions on their faces like, "Yeah, I understand."

Granted, now I've probably jinxed myself that we'll go out in the near future and have a major problem, but at least this episode gave them something to think about.  Generally our kids are fairly good in public (aka "Street Angels"), but no kid is perfect.  And I also realize there are times when it is just impossible to expect good behavior or that something is working against you, but it always helps when the kids can start to understand WHY mom and dad give them such a hard time about particular behaviors in public.

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