Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let's Talk Paint Color!!!

We are going to be investigating having parts of our house painted right after we settle so that we can get it done quickly and without all the trouble that comes with painting furnished rooms.  Plus, after having lived in a new house, I know how WHITE it is and how long it really takes to get things painted.  My main priority is the first floor living room/dining room/foyer/upstairs hallway.  Since it's all one continuous space and involves the 2 story foyer, not having to paint it ourselves would be a dream come true since that was the last area we managed to paint in our old house.  Obviously since it's one big space, I want a nice neutral.  Initially, I was thinking of a beige/khaki but now I'm into grays!   While I haven't been back to Sherwin-Williams since I decided on a gray, I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest finding colors and seeing what they look like in reality.

The downside to painting before we move in is that you don't have the time to do paint samples, etc.  But, we never did that in the old house either and we always ended up fine with our colors.  So here are my inspirations:

Living/Dining/Foyer/Upstairs Hall - I really like the lighter grays that might fall more on the bluer side but not so much that it looks blue. SW North Star is one idea:

Master Bedroom - I want a gray here too.  This is actually my new comforter set and you can see in the photo they picture it with a gray wall.  The comforter set itself is actually a twinge more brownish than it is in the photo.  I'd like to do a gray that's a little bit darker than in this photo though.

Maybe Sherwin-Williams Mineral Deposit:

Or Maybe SW Jubilee (not a great photo but I saw another one I really liked and it's on the same color card as North Star):

My next issue is that I have a color that I would LOVE to use in the family room, the problem is that it won't go with our existing sectional sofa.   And probably because of the fact that I don't particularly like this sofa anymore and I eventually want to move it down to the basement (and purchasing a new family room sofa is NOT a financial priority), I just want to paint it this color:  SW Mediterranean  (as seen in the family room at the model we visited this weekend):

See how good it looks with the stone fireplace?!?!  I'm pretty sure that's the stone we're using for our fireplace too.  But it wouldn't look right with our couch (as pictured in the old house):

Too much blue, right?  So I need some suggestions for family room paint color to not clash with the couch and make the stone pop.  There will be 5 windows in there (3 on the back, 2 on the side) so plenty of light.

So I'm thinking that perhaps since I love this color so much I will use it in our kitchen instead.  Here is kind of what our kitchen will look like when it's done.  (Although we'll have black appliances and we won't have a range - we'll have a cook top where the range is and double ovens will be to the far left which doesn't show in this photo.)  I took this in the house next to the model (with my crappy old phone) that was about to sell in October and reversed it so it's the same direction as our house.  The cabinets, granite, and floor colors are the same - we'll also have recessed lights and two pendant lights over the island.

Here's what the space looks like without cabinets:

And here's looking at it from a different direction where you can see the breakfast nook:

Will the blue work in here?  I tried the the SW Colorizer but it doesn't work very well.

More on kids room colors later....but I'm curious about your ideas!  (And K, no peppery. Ha!)

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