Monday, February 04, 2013

Late Sunday/Early Monday

Well, in case you didn't know, the Ravens won the Super Bowl last night.  And completely unlike Jason and I, we let the kids stay up to watch it.  It didn't seem that unreasonable at first because two weeks ago when they played a game that started at 6:30pm on a Sunday night (kids were off the next day), the game was over around 10pm.  Still past their bedtime, but doable.  It really wasn't even a conscious decision in that the kids have been TOTALLY into the Ravens and, quite honestly, the main reason I've been happy about this playoff run has been because they've been so spirited and happy about it.  This is THEIR Super Bowl!  Anyway, the night started off great.  My mom and the kids did some decorating and they were wearing their jerseys and having a great time.  The first half was very exciting and everything was going along great.  We even enjoyed rocking out to Beyonce at halftime.  Then there was the electric start to the second half with the kickoff return and we were on FIRE.  And then it happened.....half the stadium lost power.  Boom.

While the time the game was delayed felt like it went fast, I realized the minutes on our clock were ticking away.  Piper passed out on my lap shortly after the game resumed and because the Ravens were cold after resuming the game, it was no problem to put her to bed.  Caroline and Bryce were having none of it it though.  They were still into it even though watching the 49ers come back was tough on them.  I had mandated that they put their pajamas on at halftime and then during the power outage I had them brush their teeth so once the game was over, they could literally fall in to bed.  Although based on the way the game was going, I was getting worried that we were letting them stay up to watch the Ravens lose and I worried how upset they would be, especially Bryce.  It was kind of funny to hear the things they were saying given their lack of expertise on professional football.  Caroline watched the last quarter standing up and jumping around yelling things like, "PURPLE!" and "BALTIMORE!"

When the clock finally ran out and the Ravens clinched the anticlimactic championship game, it was 11pm.  The kids were bouncing around and giving lots of high fives.  They couldn't believe it and the looks of joy on their faces was exactly why we let them stay up.  They will remember this for rest of their lives.  (I remember when the O's won the World Series when I was about their ages too.)  But, OMG, 11pm.  I marched them upstairs, peeled their jerseys off of them (from over their pajamas) and they went right to sleep.  At least they could sleep until 7am.

I'm a bit tired too, to say the least.  Jason actually took the day off so I'm a little jealous this morning but not sure I would have been able to sleep since I had a headache. (No, I didn't have a sip of anything alcoholic last night.)  The kid were re-wearing their Ravens jerseys today and here I am at work.  Thankfully, I only have to work a half day because we have our pre-drywall walk through with the construction manager today at 1pm.  We are almost ready to drywall which means a settlement date is coming soon!

So even though I'm tired, it's a happy Monday here in Baltimore.  Seeing the O's in the World Series this year would be pretty sweet though.  I've always liked baseball better than football.

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