Sunday, February 10, 2013


Yup, April.  That's what our sales agent told us today.  Probably NOT March.  Sigh.  Not necessarily late April (maybe early?)... but until we're dry walled it's too hard to tell.  Want to know WHY we've hit a stand still?  Fire marshal.  UGH!  She comes when she pleases and be careful not to say anything to her the wrong way or she'll fail your inspection.  And each home has to be inspected twice by the same fire marshal.  She's held up building on most new construction in the area by several weeks.  Pretty sweet.

But....I will not complain.  That was not a complaint.  It was a vent.  We are in a good place in the best possible scenario.  My parents continue to be gracious hosts and we are happy not to have to be anywhere else.  Our house is sold and we're just waiting around.  Although waiting around in winter really is the toughest.  No worries about losing our contingency.  No worries about two mortgages.

But yeah, I miss our stuff and having a house.  I don't really miss our old house, just miss having a house.  I drove by it last week and it felt weird not to just go inside.  Not that I really wanted to.  We went to our storage units today to check our stuff and when we opened the big one I cried a little.  My biggest worry about April right now is that it's going to get warm before we can get the furniture out of storage.  Not because of the furniture but because all of our seasonal clothes are behind said furniture.  I had tried to leave it accessible but Jason was the one at the storage unit that morning when the movers moved the furniture in and  in the chaos it wasn't made the priority.  Both of our faults.....

Hoping NOT to be the girl in the sweater at work at the end of April.  Not that I don't need some new clothes.  I just don't remember want I have and who wants to duplicate?  Plus, Piper has OODLES of 5T spring/summer clothes from Caroline.

Also a little bit anxious about the kids new school but I heard today that there were some people who managed to get their kids in with just a contract on a house in our neighborhood so hopefully that will be enough to get them in for the 4th quarter.

There's just so much in flux right now.  So many balls in the air.  At home and, most definitely, at work.  I'm tired of juggling and being in limbo.  Looking forward to dry wall and a settlement date.  Once that date is set I will be able to focus more.  Thank goodness work has been so busy to keep my mind off all of this stuff while I'm there.

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Heather said...

OH sweetie...been there...come visit if you want...!