Sunday, January 13, 2013

Yup, A Roof!!!

Yesterday was such a busy day with Kelly's baby shower that I didn't even glance at my phone/Facebook so when Jason and the kids arrived at the shower around lunchtime you can imagine my thrill at seeing photos our sales agent took of the builders putting our roof on.  When the shower was over (more on that later), I could not get down the road fast enough to feast my eyes on the the house.  I was expecting that they might work on a weekend since the house is so vulnerable at this stage but I wasn't expecting a roof!  When we rode up, Caroline started yelling as soon as she saw it.  She was so excited.  

They are still finishing up the roof on the family room and kitchen area extensions:

I'm expecting that the front porch roof will go on in the next day or so too.  Matt, our sales agent said that he expects we should be able to go inside for the first time NEXT weekend!!!!  (Kids can't go in until drywall is done - which is fine by me.)  I'm still fully expecting another 2 months before we are in because from here the progress isn't quite as grand as framing.

So next up on the exterior is front porch, roof shingles, house wrap, and siding.   I can't wait to see what the front porch looks like!

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