Thursday, January 03, 2013

Why hello there, Blog.

Just haven't been in a blogging mood lately and I attribute a lot of that to being off schedule due to the long winter break.  Don't get me wrong, it was a great  break and I enjoyed being off with the kids but being off schedule for such a long time really gets to me.  While I wasn't chomping at the bit to get back to work, it did feel really good to be at work yesterday and again today.  I forget how much I use my brain in all the different things I do and it feels good to get those cobwebs out and think differently about things again.  Even if it is helping some seriously problematic students who really screwed things up.

Things are okay with all three kids.  Piper's preschool won't start back up until 1/14 so she's still on break and enjoying extra alone time with Nana.  Bryce has a new email account (separate blog needed about that) and is jazzed.  Caroline is still fighting this nasty cough that she did a course of antibiotics and an inhaler for during the Christmas break but I think she's on the slow mend.  Or at least I hope she is.  I need to get her in for her 9 year checkup.  I need to get into the doctor too since I am almost out of the sample he gave me of my migraine medicine since I had a random migraine over the break.

In house news, the basement/garage concrete should be poured either today, tomorrow or Monday and the lumber is scheduled for delivery on Tuesday.  TUESDAY!  Yippee!!!!  Good weather don't fail me now.  Watching the houses that are about 2 weeks ahead of us is exciting since we know how close we are to seeing an actual house.  Finally.  It seems like this foundation process has been so sllllllooooooowwwww.  Not so great recent weather and having 2 two day holidays in the middle of two weeks in a row really jammed things up.  Although it is interesting that after a period of very few sales in our neighborhood after we signed our contract in September, it seems houses are starting to sell faster again.  Crazy to think how many more houses will be sold/built in the next year.

I'm now in the midst of baby shower preparation.  We are throwing my sister in law her twin baby shower next Saturday and I spent a good chunk of New Year's Day making cake balls that will be turned into cake pops this weekend.   I have purchased all the party ware and decorations too - it's going to be so cute!!  We are having it at the community center where my SIL and Jason's grandmother both live so no one has to worry about cleaning their house.  Plus, it will be close for Jesse to lug all of their new baby swag back to their house.  I'm kind of glad it worked out the way it did with us not having a house because I might have felt like I needed to have it at my house but since I couldn't, I was so happy that Jay's grandmother thought of using their community center which was recently built and is very nice (and reasonably priced!).  Kelly is about 31 weeks along so we are hoping she makes it, at the very, absolute least, to 34 weeks. But a few more weeks would be great - we cannot wait to meet these little girls!!!  Piper still refers to them as "Daisy and Lazy" but the rest of us now call them "Sugar and Spice."

So onto another day of work!  I am so glad for a 3 day work week.  It really helps to ease us back into the grind.

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