Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weird Place

I feel like we're in a weird place right now with the house.  We were so excited as it was being framed because each time we went by you could see how much progress was being made.  From the house being "wrapped" to windows being put it, it was just so obvious and fun!  And then last weekend to get to see the inside for the first time was just so fun.  But now we're in that weird place.  Yes, shingles went on the roof but right now all the work that is being done are interior and are all "boring."  HVAC, electrical, plumbing, sprinklers.  Clearly all very important things but nothing exciting.  In fact, I'm feeling a little bit of a let down this week and no real interest in going by since we can't go inside (alone) and even if we did is it THAT exciting to see pipes being put into the walls?  (And is it worth it since it's like 15 degrees outside???)  Nope.

I know this is just one of the phases of building a house and that each day is another day closer to drywall.  Once the house is dry walled, things get really exciting again because then the countdown is on to complete the house and each time we go by and go inside we'll be able to see lots of changes.  This is when we'll see all the options we picked out months ago and see the house really coming together.

But for right now, I'm kind of in a funk.  I think now that we've been at my mom's for a month and a half, we're kind of used to it now and almost forget that we won't be there forever and that this is just temporary.  It's kind of weird, actually.  Funny how quickly we adapt.  Not that I don't think about the new house all the time, but I just have a hard time believing that it will EVER be done.  But I keep reminding myself that once we are in, this time we spent living with my parents will seem like it went by in a flash.

I think we just need to get out of January.  Have I mentioned that I absolutely HATE January?  Worst month of the year.  Here are my reasons for the nomination:  It's freaking cold, it's still getting dark really early, earlier in the month you're having that post-Christmas letdown, it's 31 days, and winter is still in it's earlier phases.  Not that February is much better (my 2nd most hated month) but at least February is only 28 days, is a few weeks closer to spring, it's starting to stay light a little longer, and Valentine's Day is thrown in the middle for a little pick me up.  I always feel like January drrrrraaaaagggggssss on forever.  At least January at work is tolerable now unlike it was in Admissions.  Whew.

So yeah, that's where I am right now.  We still deal with regular bedtime drama with the kids all sharing a room but in a weird way that's kind of become par for the course too.  Maybe we can get a snow day or two in February?  That might be kind of nice....oh and the twins are coming in February too (I'm convinced Kelly is going to make it until February now...she's 34 weeks!)

Things will only get better from here....that's my mantra for the the next 6 days anyway.  Be gone January, be gone!

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Katie said...

I had a baby to spruce up my January. :)) Also, recent Disney trips have spruced up our January & February's. Now, March? I hate March. Just as long as January and often just as cold when you are begging for Spring. Is there anything worse than a March snowstorm? UGH.

Your house will be here before you know it!