Monday, January 14, 2013

Twin Shower

Kelly's twin girl baby shower went beautifully!!  Everything worked out so well - we couldn't have planned it better. I'm so glad we used the community center room near Kelly and her grandmother.  It was the perfect size for exactly 30 people.  Had there been any more, it would have been crowded but it was small enough that decorating was easy and it felt cozy.  The occupancy said 50 and maybe that would have been okay if you didn't have to seat everyone but since we were having lunch there is no way we could have seated any more than we did.  Whew!!  Here's the setup:

Dessert table:

Gift opening:


I just loved those "poofs."

Close up of the desserts - the cookies were so good!:

 The proud mama (32 weeks!):

The beautiful mama and me!

Check out Piper's face when Aunt Kelly opened the gift that she had bought all by herself:

It really was a lovely afternoon.  Thank goodness we gave ourselves plenty of time that morning to get set up because we used every single second of it.  And the weather really cooperated too giving us sunshine and almost warm temperatures.  (We were so worried planning this for early January that we'd have a snow storm!)

My girls were so helpful and cute too. They each bought Aunt Kelly a gift with their own money and then helped her to open all her gifts.  They also were delighted to make her ribbon hat too.  They really are excited about the impending arrival of their cousins.

Here's hoping those little girls can keep cooking for at least 2 more weeks (if not more) and they arrive safe and healthy!  Cannot wait to meet them!!

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