Thursday, January 31, 2013

Missing Our Stuff

The other day I was standing in our office's "kitchen" area (I really need to post a photo of the gross area we keep/heat our food in at work) waiting for my soup to heat up in the microwave.  I had my spoon in my hand waiting to stir it halfway through.  As I was standing there I was kind of fooling around with the spoon in my hand without realizing it when I looked down because something was missing - the notch right at the top.  I paused and looked at the spoon and it took me a second to figure out where the notch's not "my" spoon!  It's my mom's spoon.  And suddenly without warning, I realized I miss my stuff.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with my mom's spoon or other stuff but I miss ours.  It's almost been two months since we packed pretty much everything up and 4 months since we packed up our first load of stuff to get the house ready to sell.  In fact, I almost can't remember what some of that early stored stuff is!!

I found myself looking online yesterday at the company that made our table and chairs because I forgot what our kitchen chairs looked like specifically.  I found them and got a little sad.  I miss them too.

I miss coming home to my house all lit up and warm and pulling into my garage too.

But this too shall pass and we'll soon be reunited with all of our stuff and......our junk!  Although I know when we do move out I'm going to miss the things that I've gotten used to with my parents.  Meal planning with my mom, for one.  It's been nice figuring things out and eating some different dishes because she has a little more time two nights a week to help with dinner.  It's been nice just having random conversations and moments with both my mom and dad too rather than having to call them or  stop by.  Thursday nights will forever be known as "dink night" thanks to my dad and I'll miss watching certain shows with both my parents too.  (Yes, we watch Scandal together!  Ha!!)

I think we've all learned a lot and patience has been helpful.  It's still going to be about 2 more months until we settle on the new house but we're into our routine now so it's easier than it was at first, especially with the kids.  But I still can't wait to see our spoons (and in our new kitchen)!

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Bracken said...

Missing your stuff will be all worth it when it all fills your wonderful new home!! Use the time to also think twice before you move something into the new house...LOL, great time to purge the stuff you ended up not missing so much.