Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just Wanna Be a Big Girl

Our friend, Zoe, came over to spend the night on Saturday while Bryce went and stayed at her house with her younger brother, Taki.  It was a perfect exchange because neither family ended up with more kids than usual and all said children were so happy to have another kid around, they happily entertained themselves.

Zoe is several months older than Caroline and they get along really well.  And while Piper is a good bit younger, Zoe really likes her and is much better at including her than Caroline is sometimes.  For the most part while Zoe was at the house, all three girls played really well together.  There were a few incidents where Piper was feeling left out but it was quickly turned around.  I was really proud of the older girls for including her even in their videos and other things they played.

On Sunday morning, the girls decided they wanted manicures and pedicures and I said that I agreed to do the painting.  I started first on their toenails since they needed to be dry since we were leaving in an hour.  I did Piper's first and then moved onto Zoe's.  Caroline, however, decided she did NOT want my help and would try herself.  So while I was painting Zoe's toes, Caroline started painting hers while Piper's toes dried. When I went back to the other end of the island to start on Piper's toes, I found that Piper had decided that she too was going to paint her own fingernails.  Obviously most four year olds are not expert manicurists and the fingernail polish was all over her hands.  I reacted quickly and said, "PIPER!  You need to ask before you do that - you could have made a huge mess and gotten it on your clothes or Bertie's furniture!"

Well, I could barely get the words out and she just crumbled and buried her neck into my shoulder crying.

"I just wanted to be like the big girls!"

Well, I just about started crying myself.  I felt  terrible.  Terrible.  Sigh.

I hugged her and told her I was sorry for how I reacted but that fingernail polish is not something you just play around with.  Plus, I told her that Zoe was having me paint her fingernails so not all the big girls were painting their own nails.  She continued to cry and I just comforted her and told her I understood.

I got the nail polish remover and we took off what she did and reapplied the polish.  She was happy again.

I think it IS important to note here that Caroline's fingernails and toenails were a bit of a disaster and she started to get angry about how bad they looked.  I told her that she just had to wait for me and I would have been happy to do them but she couldn't wait.  There wasn't enough time to redo her toes but I did fix her fingers and she was happy enough with that.

Girls and fingernail polish.  Such a difficult relationship.

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