Sunday, January 20, 2013

Interior Joy!

We got to go inside!!!!  The rough framing is mostly done and Matt, our sales agent, said we could come by any time for our first tour.  The kids couldn't come in but my parents joined us.  (The kids brought their scooters and had a great time riding on our new street for the first time.)  Here are my favorite features so far:

The corner fireplace in the family room.  Aside from loving that we'll have 5 total windows in there, we are doing a corner, stone fireplace.  I am just so excited!  I love how it is situated and the way it will make the room feel.  (And this is just the rough framing!!)

The little window in the breakfast nook extension! It's just so cute!  And look at our "water" view.  Ha!  (That's construction storm water management which should be gone within the year - it's not as close as it looks in the photo either.)

Our bedroom hallway!  This is the little hallway in our bedroom leading back to the master bath.  In this hallway are the his/hers walk-in closets and our linen closets.  This is one of the things that sold me on this model.

Big, 2nd floor need for explanation especially if you know how small our previous laundry "room" was:

 The house from a distance and the look of the new neighborhood:

The older kids scooted back to the model and I walked behind them.  The area with the black tarp is at the top of a very large green space built into the neighborhood.  The next section over will be all houses eventually but that green space will never be built on - we joke that it's our Central Park complete with benches, a gazebo, trees, and paths.  (Maybe even a playground eventually.)

And then there's the basement which was so good to see framed out because we had never seen (other than online) what a framed out Fairbanks basement would look like.  We were very happy but there was something else interesting....the area that is going to be our storage area (unfinished) has been framed out as the den.  Matt noticed it first and was pretty sure we hadn't done the den.  Basically, at this point they will probably finish wiring it and even dry wall it but when it comes time to do the flooring they will notice because there won't be enough carpet.  Jason was kind of excited about the fact that the storage room will be nice.  We'll put some kind of laminate or vinyl down and have a decent storage area with drywall.  (One of our new neighbors had something similar happen - he didn't opt for the basement bathroom and they almost completed it before they noticed.) They can't charge you for it and they won't rip it out once it's done.

There's still a long way to go but it's coming along great.  They are prepping for HVAC, electric and plumbing now.  Shingles should be on by now but the rain last week slowed everything down.  It just felt so good to go inside and get a feel for the place.  Neither of us can stop looking at the photos, we're so enchanted.  It's like having a new baby that you can't stop peeking at.


Bracken said...

When we built our house in GA they added an extension to our master bedroom that we did not pay for or have in our plans. They couldn't charge us more for it and it was already there, so they just left it. Couldn't really complain :> Your house is looking great and I am so excited for you guys.

Heather said...

Awww! So exciting....I love it!