Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Gymnastics #Fail

The girls started taking gymnastics in the spring and have been enjoying them.  We took the summer off since the class availability was limited and we started back up in the fall.  The place we've been going is a really nice facility with great equipment.  We were very happy with the classes in the spring and were excited to get back to it in the fall.  The first fall session was fine although it seemed a little disorganized a few times and the kids had a few instructor substitutions from time to time but for the most part it was fine.  The fall/winter session started in November and we signed up again.  But this time, something had changed.  The girls have barely had the same instructor twice and when they have they've had to combine classes.  They even got combined with the "pre-team" kids and the parents of those pre-team girls were NOT happy about it.  I just sensed disorganization and then when we showed up for class on 12/29 and found there was no class (it was technically written in very small print on the schedule that we never received) but not a word had been said to any of the kids or parents about it.  (Another mom and her kids showed up too so we weren't the only ones who didn't know.)  While I was there putting my kids clothes back on and grumbling about the lack of communication, the father of one of the pre-team girls told me how unhappy he was too.  He said this place used to be great but the couple that owns it recently divorced and the husband (who was a former international Olympian) left and went to another gym taking the talent and his managerial skills with him and leaving the wife to run it.  And clearly she does NOT know what she's doing.

Soon after I went to the gym's website and found that it was taken over by the wife and had a bunch of unprofessional looking "staff" photos.  It really seemed like she had thrown something together and taken a photo of the three women running the place with a phone and then posted it online.  I was already starting to think we'd sit out the next session but since we were paid in full for a few more weeks we'd stick it out.

Yesterday just as I was getting ready to leave work I received a somewhat informal email telling me that the gym would be closing and filing for bankruptcy.  Immediately.  I was really angry.  First of all, I don't even trust these people enough that they are even filing for bankruptcy so I have an attorney friend who is looking into verify that for me.  If they truly are filing for bankruptcy, I guess there's not much I can do but wait and see if I'm listed as a creditor to whom they owed money.  But again, based on how disorganized this business was recently, I wouldn't be surprised if there records were so bad we didn't get included.

I realize it's not a huge amount of money but it's the principle.  And I know I'm not the only one as they ran classes 6 days a week and had lots of people attending.

The other burn is that there was this other mom who I always talked to and who has two daughters who were in Caroline and Piper's classes and I was planning to get all her contact info this week.  (We decided to do it as we were walking out this past week and said we'd just see each other this week.)  I don't know their last name or anything but the girls really liked each other and wanted to play outside of class.  Maybe we'll run into them somewhere someday.

I wish I knew if there was a way to lodge a complaint or something with the BBB or something like that.  I just feel like these people are getting off and all these families are losing out.  I guess it was so bad they couldn't even finish the session.  It's really too bad considering it's a nice facility - maybe someone else will scoop it up.


Erin said...

Where were you guys going? It wasn't here, was it? If not, this is a great option... I took gymnastics there and the boys did too for awhile. We only quit because it was a long drive and the kids weren't into it enough to make the drive worth it.

Erika said...

Ultimate Gymnastics in Middle River - I've heard good things about White Marsh gymnastics but until we are in our new house, I don't want to drive that far. (It's housed at Freestate off of Allender Rd.)

Erin said...

I don't know WHY in my head I aways have you in Harford County... LOL.