Thursday, January 10, 2013


As of Tuesday afternoon, we had a first floor!  This isn't the greatest shot as it was getting dark and I was far away.  (The guys were still working and had that big machine rolling around so I didn't want to go and stand in the way.)  I actually took this from the end of our new neighbor's front porch.  Our sales agent is off this week and since he usually posts photos and keeps us updated, our new neighbor has been taking photos for us so I wanted to stop by and tell him thanks.  (He and his wife are SO nice - can't wait to get to know them better.)

And while we were psyched on Tuesday evening you can imagine our dismay yesterday going by to see that NOTHING more had been done.  Sigh.  I guess when you have the ability to stop by daily you get to see days where nothing is done as opposed to when we were building our old house and only got up on weekends and there was a greater time lapse.   Hoping they will take advantage of the nice weather (again) today and get the first floor completed and start on the second.  I do know that while they are framing the possibility of them working through weekend (even on a Sunday) is very good.  I just cannot wait to go inside and get a feel for the place....OUR HOUSE.  I miss having a house. I am starting to miss our stuff too.

Things are comfy at my mom's and I continue to be grateful to my parents for letting us stay with them but I miss having a neighborhood kids for the kids to play with especially.  They are really missing their old neighborhood friends right now.  We've had the chance to see them but it's not the same as just running down the street for a short bit.

Where's Ty Pennington when you need him?

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