Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dry Wall Coming!!

We just heard from Matt, our sales agent, and it's time for our Pre-Drywall Walk Thru!!!  We went through the house on Sunday and picked out all the spots for our cable drops, extra outlets and ceiling fan rough-ins and magically, the HVAC, plumbing and electric are almost done!  The sprinkler system is up next but rather than waiting for that to go in (which we have no say in) and potentially holding up construction we are meeting with the construction manager on Monday afternoon so they can start the drywall as soon as the sprinklers are in (and inspected) without having to wait for a meeting.

At pre-construction, Matt was predicting the end of February for a completion date which I NEVER actually believe and figured the end of March was more on target.  Turns out I was right because I asked him this weekend and end of March was his answer. Whew.  And now with the drywall looming, that makes that time frame much more possible. (I was starting to get worried we'd get pushed into April and all that goes with spring - mainly warmer weather clothes!)  Clearly we're not out of the woods yet but once that drywall goes up we'll be getting a settlement date and finally be able to lock in our interest rate.

Things don't look that different in the house except now it looks like spaghetti is hanging everywhere.  Here's the master bedroom walls and ceiling:

Facing the master bedroom door (left) and hallway to master bath (on right)

Ceiling fan rough-in
Every day is another day of progress!  The three houses that are about 2 weeks ahead of ours just had their siding put on in the last week along with their porches poured, so I'm hoping that will be happening soon for us too.  While it won't mean anything for the inside, I'm looking forward to having a pretty house to take some photos of.

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