Sunday, December 16, 2012

Out and Onward

We are officially  100% out of the old house.  Feeling a little sad about it but not as sad as I expected.  The more things we packed, the easier it got.  As we took our lives, fingerprints, and DNA out of the house, it just didn't feel like ours anymore.  Although it was weird walking in the upstairs hallway, which didn't look any different and then to walk into one of the kids' rooms because you almost expected to see their stuff.  Settlement is Thursday....yup, my birthday.  Happy Birthday to me!

Bryce wouldn't let me take his picture and I think it was because he was really sad.  I know the hardest part about moving with kids that are a little older is that they have friends they are leaving behind.  And because we aren't going right into our new house where there will be kids to play with, we have this temporary time without friends right down the street.  I know that Bryce is particularly sad about leaving Joey.  Caroline is sad about Sophia too but Sophia was gone a lot so it's not that different but Joey and Bryce had really gotten close these past 6 months.  And with Christmas just over a week away, there's just no time to have other kids over.  I keep promising the kids we can reunite with their neighbor friends after Christmas.

But other than that, things are going okay living with my parents.  Still trying to get the bedtime thing down but it's gotten considerably better.  I just have so much to do this week before the holiday.

In new house news, the foundation forms are gone and we move onto readying for backfill:

No holdups we just keep hoping we can be under roof shortly after the new year!  Cannot wait to drive down our road and see an actual house standing there.

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