Thursday, December 13, 2012

OMG, Piper

Piper came home from school on Monday proudly announcing, "I have a crush.  On Nate.  In my class."  She said it was such sincerity, it was almost as if she had been rehearsing it in her head.  She was so proud to tell everyone.  Then after telling me that part, she went on to tell me that they sang a new song in school about a princess and that she got to be the princess and that the princess got to pick her prince and guess who she picked as her prince?  Yup, Nate.  And then......Nate danced with her and at the end he dipped her.  Yep, dipped her.  Who is this pre-k Casanova?

Needless to say, each time she told the story we were all laughing.  Especially when she makes the funniest faces as she's going through telling the story.  Whether Nate actually dipped her, I don't know but we all have been giggling about it for days.

Yesterday was my MIL's day to volunteer at Piper's school and as it happened Nate's mom also volunteered  so my MIL got to talk to her and told her about Piper's crush.  Nate's mom was just tickled but said how shy he is which makes me wonder if there really was any dipping.  Upon coming home, Piper told us all that she got to sit next to Nate and she was just tickled about it.  Mind you, she had purposely "dressed pretty" for him.  (And yes, I had a discussion with her that boys rarely notice what you're wearing and that you should dress the way you like, so that you feel good about yourself.)

Where do my daughters get this boy craziness?  Seriously.  I was NOT a boy crazy little girl and we do not talk about boyfriends, dating, etc with them.  Caroline just seems to be hardwired and I feel like Piper has just picked it up over the years although Caroline isn't as boy crazy as she once was.

Later in the evening as Piper was recounting her day at school to my dad, she said that she told her friend Trista that she had a crush on Nate.  I asked her what Trista said when she told her.  To which Piper makes the funniest face and says, "Oh, she said O. M. G!!!!!"  Well, that had my dad and I in stitches.

My dad asked her if she knew what that meant and she just laughed and said, "No."

That little girl is something else.  She always makes us laugh.  I just never know what is going to come out of her mouth.  She went on later to tell us that Nate was her type and that he has a big head because he has a big brain and is very smart.  Well, at least she's not concerned about the kind of car he drives, right?

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Anonymous said...

She gets it from her Aunt Kelly :)