Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Happy 9th, Caroline!

She's 9!  The last year in single digits.  Hard to believe it when it really doesn't seem that long ago that she came into our lives and made us parents.  Although my memory fades of what life was like with just one child and the time we spent together with just the three of us.  And it makes sense why she's always asking for time alone with each of us since her younger siblings seem to suck so much time away from her.  We also can see as each day goes by she grows more and more like her father.  Between my mother in law and Jason, they both cannot get over how much her personality is like his was but with a female, dramatic twist.  Jason just keeps saying that it's his karma coming back to bite him for all those ways he hurt his mother's heart over the years.  This morning she didn't even want to let me hug or kiss her but I did call her once I got to work to wish her a happy birthday and tell her how much I love her.  Even that was met with some awkwardness.  Jason reminded me that, like him, she doesn't always like the attention.  You just never know with Caroline.

But with all these things, she is bright, creative, and (can be) delightful.  I'm amazed at the way she sees the world and the things she notices and realizes - a true critical thinker already.

I love you Caroline....even if you don't always feel like you love me.  Happy Birthday, sweet girl.

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jason said...

She loves you for sure. We just don't always know how to express it to our mothers. :(