Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Getting There!

The light at the end of the tunnel is officially in sight!!  In fact, it's getting rather bright!

Okay, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it. 

Anyway, here I am back at work after taking Monday off and things are looking decidedly great.  Last night, after another exhausting day, we received our official settlement date (12/20!) and then this morning we received official word that the buyer's loan is approved.  WOOO HOO!!  I honestly cried some tears of joy and relief.  Not that we had any indication that things were problematic, you just don't know until it's official and it was just taking a few days longer than expected.  

I am beyond thrilled and the fact that settlement is on my birthday is fine by me.  I get to take the day off, which I normally never do since it's right before I get a week and a half off for winter break.  

As for moving and adjusting, it was a long weekend where I broke down into stress tears a number of times but when all is said and done, it was a productive, good weekend.  

Friday night was "business as usual" in the house and I didn't even bother packing anything since I knew packing a box or two wasn't going to make a difference the next day.  Saturday morning I took the girls to gymnastics while Jason and his brother loaded up my FIL's truck with our big items that we are keeping at my mom's (grill, deck box, etc).  Then Jeremy helped Jay load up the truck with the final pieces of the playground that didn't make it up last weekend.   My MIL graciously offered to take the kids for Saturday and Sunday so we could fully focus on the move and I cannot thank her enough.  Not only were the kids happy and got to bake all day with Nana, we accomplished a lot without them being around to worry about. We got all of their stuff settled into my parents' house and got their bedroom set up.  After a little more packing at our house, Jason and I settled down for our last night in our old house.  It was kind of sad but at the same time the more stuff we packed, the less it felt like our house which made it a lot easier.  

We got moving early on Sunday and took all of our personal stuff over to my mom and dad's and then headed out to get a few storage items from Target and to buy more boxes.  You always need WAY more  boxes then you think you will need.  Good grief.  So we headed back to the house and my parents came over with lunch (YAY!) and to help with more packing.  My mom packed up my kitchen and I cannot say how much I appreciated that huge task!  We worked until 3pm and then I followed Jason in the truck up to my IL's to pick up the kids.  

Our first night "sleeping" at my parents' was a little rough but I think to be expected.  The kids were SOOO excited to be there and to see how we set up their room.  The bunk beds were a huge source of fun too.  Monday morning came and we were all exhausted, but we carried on.  (And thanks to my mom and dad's patience with the kids....they know it will settle down we just have to figure out a new routine.)

The movers arrived at 10am and within an hour they had all the big furniture out.  These guys were great and I think we will try and use the same mover and request the same "team" for the next job.  They didn't have any problems carrying even the treadmill and were so gentle and efficient with our stuff.  I'd trust them in a new house!  They even told us how much they appreciated the fact that we had done what we were supposed to do in terms of taking apart furniture and clearing things off/out.  I guess a lot of people don't do that - boggles my mind!

Jason took the task of going with the movers to storage and we got it allllll in!  But, we still have a lot of boxes and small furniture to store so I think we're going to need an additional small unit to finish the job.  But, that's okay because just getting all the big stuff in is a huge deal to me.  

So what's next?  The house is about 95% packed (mostly odds/ends that aren't) and I hope to get it all in storage on Saturday with Sunday to manage any last minute incidentals.  We'll get there....from here it's all downhill!  Just so grateful for the help and support from our family! So much to celebrate and be grateful for this Christmas!  


Katie said...

The actual moving part is stressful. (Try it after a blizzard!) Great news about the settlement, too! Almost in the clear!

Watching someone go through a move is like watching someone go through a pregnancy. LOL.

Erika said...

K - you are so right! Following someone's selling/moving process is like a pregnancy. I guess we're both watching each other.

Heather said...

Congrats! I am SOOO glad things are going so smoothly! Trust me, that's a huge relief!