Thursday, December 13, 2012

Foundation: Poured

Matt, our sales agent in the new community, posted photos yesterday on Facebook for us of the foundation molds being set up and then later in the day of the concrete truck injecting cement into them.  We officially have a basement.  

Here's a photo of the foundation molds (pre-concrete) from yesterday morning.  (Matt sends us a weekly construction update via email and gives us even more photos.)  I love this photo - he took it hanging out the window of another house that isn't yet occupied - because it gives you a better visual on how it is placed in the lot and the actual shape of it.

I cannot wait to go by and see it in person.  The molds will come off in the next day or so and then they do all the "pre-backfill" work (sewage lines, drain system, water retardant coating, etc) and then it has to be inspected before they backfill all the dirt.  Hopefully all of this will be done next week before Christmas which means the wood will be coming very soon!  It's hard to believe two weeks ago we didn't even have a hole yet.

We stopped by the community on Monday afternoon since we needed a psychological boost after an exhausting weekend of work and were a little disappointed to see they hadn't done anything because of the terrible weather.  But, while we were there our new next door neighbor was out with her boys decorating for Christmas and she told us we were always welcome to come into her yard for a different vantage point.  We thanked her and loved being able to get a little closer and see the shape of the foundation a little better.

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