Wednesday, December 19, 2012

End of Speech

Today was my final IEP meeting with Piper's SLP, the Assistant Principal, and the special education teacher at our elementary school.  I could have done the meeting on the phone like I did last year but since this was the final meeting and I absolutely adore Patty, the SLP, I wanted to make an appearance.  Plus, with work winding down due to the semester ending and preparing for our winter break it didn't matter if I came in late. Patty went over how thrilled she is with Piper's progress and outlined that in many ways she's now above level and she is age appropriate for all other areas.  Quite a turnaround from 2 years ago when she could barely say much of anything.

And while I had no stress anticipating this meeting since it was really just a wrap up, I was not expecting to have a few moments of tears.  But I did and it was all because of how wonderful the teachers at the school have been to my children and how bittersweet it us for us to be leaving in a few months.  While I'm thrilled at Piper's progress in regards to speech, I am sad she won't be seeing Patty anymore and Patty told me how much she is going to miss her.  And since we won't be at the school for much longer it means we won't run into her regularly.  Patty told the AP, Ms. T, about our impending move and when she did, the tears came out.  I just told her how highly we value the faculty and staff of the school and how impressed we've been with them.  Ms. T seemed touched and thanked me for sharing such kind words.  I expressed a little disappointment that Piper won't get to follow in her siblings footsteps and have the same kindergarten and first grade teachers - both of whom were hoping to get her.

I've actually already friended both their former kindergarten teacher and Caroline's former second grade teacher on Facebook since neither of my children have them as teachers any longer and there's no weirdness with the teacher/parent relationship.  They are both such wonderful people that I wanted to stay in touch with them.  I could even see becoming (IRL) friends with Caroline's 2nd grade teacher since she's around our age, she lives near our new house, and has kids of similar ages.

I'm sure that when the time comes to actually transfer them to our new school I will shed a few more tears.  I'm very happy about the elementary school we'll be sending them to (one of best in the county!) but a little sad to be leaving behind friendly, familiar faces.

Thank goodness Ms. T, Patty, and the special ed teacher are so compassionate and didn't mind my tears at all.  I'm sure they've had tears in that room for other reasons in the past but it was nice to laugh and talk about my kids since they know (and like) all three of them.  I guess when it comes to your children, your emotions lie pretty close to the surface.  I don't consider myself a true crier but when it comes to the kids, I can cry at the least little thing.

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