Monday, December 03, 2012

Bryce's Quote of the Year

If you know Bryce, you know the boy can TALK.  And talk.  And talk.  Oh yeah and talk some more.  You get a very short respite in the morning between the time he wakes up and gets warmed up.  Generally never longer than 5 minutes but some days he wakes up ready to talk.  And then it doesn't stop.

Yesterday we were in the car driving over to my mom's and he just keeps on running his mouth and inciting drama with Piper.  Finally, Jason says, "Bryce, can you just stop talking for a few minutes?  Please?"

To that Bryce says, "But Dad, talking is my thing!"

And we laughed. And laughed.  Because OMG, yes, talking IS his thing!  Not only is it his thing, the fact that he recognizes it just made it so funny.  That boy....he can talk the leg of a chair but my goodness he says some funny things sometimes.

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