Saturday, December 01, 2012

Broken Ground!

I left work a little early to run an errand yesterday and because it took me somewhat closer to our new house on the way home, I thought I'd stop. I was driving on this side road that we don't usually ride on that goes behind our new community and as I was driving by, I saw our lot and saw a pile of dirt.  Could it be?!?!?!  No one had let us know they were breaking ground and since we have our pre-construction meeting on Sunday, I didn't even consider they might start.  I drove around into the community and came around the bend and there it was....a footprint!  I was so excited I could barely park fast enough and get out of the car to look.  I was excited to see the house had been started.  I was excited because it was a little unexpected.  But most of all, I was excited because I was the one who discovered it!!  I took a bunch of photos (so glad to have my new phone that takes better photos) and started emailing them to Jason.  I tried video chatting with him but he was still in a meeting at work.  And after I talked to him on the phone I posted it on FB.  I was thrilled!!!  Within a few minutes our new neighbors responded that they had seen the stakes yesterday and wondered when they'd break ground.  I think because they had two other lots recently dug they wanted to get our lot done before they took the equipment away. Matt, our sales agent, said they started a few days early and that is obviously only good news.  

We aren't sure if the digging is done - it looks a little shallow to be the full basement (the picture is deceiving how deep it is though, but it seems like it needs to be a few feet deeper).  But I think now the remaining dirt can be dug out with smaller machinery.   The other two lots that were dug over a week ago have the foundation molds sitting in them but not set up yet but I'd be willing to bet that they will try and get ours set up too so that they can pour all three of them close together.

This was exactly what I needed to end the week.  Feeling stress over moving and waiting to hear that the buyer's loan is approved is taking its toll on me and seeing our new house underway just reminded me that this is all worth it.

I scooted on home and told the kids I had a surprise for them.  When I showed them the photo they literally jumped for joy.  Can't wait to take them down there and get some photos by our dirt pile.

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Heather said...

...send your house fairy up here...we desperately need her!!!!