Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bedroom Sharing

So we are completely new to this bedroom sharing thing and with the next few months having all three kids sharing a room at my mom's we're trying to figure out the best solution.  Right now we have a set of bunks in the room with a trundle underneath.  Caroline will mainly be the person who sleeps up on top but I have agreed to Bryce that he can sleep up there on Friday and Saturday nights.  Piper likes sleeping underneath and no one seems thrilled to sleep on the trundle although it's actually a comfy mattress.

However, it's not the actual beds that are the problem it's the extra stimulation that comes from having your two siblings in the room with you.  Since none of my kids have shared a room before other than the nights they have spent at their grandparents houses (in the past), this has never been an issue.  Granted in the old house (oh wow, already calling it "old"), we had some banner nights when little people wouldn't settle down and now those nights are amplified.  The biggest culprit?  Bryce's mouth.  The boy.cannot.shut.up.

The first night was tough but I expected that. They were super excited, everything was new, we were off schedule, etc.  The second night wasn't much better but at least they slept until their normal time the next morning and weren't up at 4am!   That second night we realized that part of the problem is that Caroline is NOT ready to go to sleep when the other two kids are and she kept giggling at the younger two which makes them think it's okay to get riled up.  We thought about what Caroline was used to and realized that she needs to have an official later bedtime since what we usually did was kissed her goodnight, left the light on and closed her door so she could read or journal.  So last night we told Caroline she could have that extra time alone in our bedroom.  That might have worked out okay except Bryce was all amped up about nothing and that gets Piper amped up.  I sat there in the room with him and he just kept blurting things out and couldn't keep his mouth shut.  I was getting steadily angrier at him by the minute.  It took every ounce of restraint to NOT tell him to shut up....I managed to keep it at "shut your mouth."  Piper finally fell asleep, as I expected but he kept uttering whispered statements every so often about random things.  The thing you have to understand about Bryce other than that "talking is his thing" is that he HAS to have the last word.  Has to. Seriously, I do think this kid could have a future as an attorney.  He will argue any point and it's NEVER his perhaps a defense lawyer?  OMG.

Finally though, he quieted down and Caroline came back in when she was ready and we all slept through the night again.

I know that it's still VERY early in our transition to living at my mom's and that Christmas is ALMOST here which does not help their excitement.  I know we will get into a groove.  I have a few other things I am going to try too to help things out.  Jason alternates nights reading to Caroline and Bryce from Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings books and I usually read shorter books to them.  That calms the one down that is being read to but with three kids you don't have that man on man ability and the other two don't get that one on one quiet reading time.  Trying to read to Piper on her own while Bryce is in another room never works because the child is like a puppy and doesn't like to be alone.  Good grief.

I know my parents are getting a kick out of seeing these antics.  Not that they didn't know what my kids were capable of but I know they are getting flashbacks to 25-30 years ago.  Ha!  At least my mom is good for commiserating with and tells me she used to get so frustrated too.  I guess as kids even though you might remember that you didn't always want to go to sleep you don't remember how frustrating it was for your parents at the time who just want a little down time before they have to go to bed themselves.

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