Friday, December 21, 2012

Banner Birthday!!

Yesterday was my 36th birthday and it was one worth remembering!  It just worked out to be such a great day for so many different reasons.

1.  I got to spend most of the day with Jason by myself!  No kids to interupt us.

2.  We started the morning off finishing our Christmas shopping together which is always better than doing it alone.  We hit Target and Kohl's and got everything on our lists.  Well except a few items I forgot and will have to get today (I packed the tape and tissue paper!) but that's reasonable.

3.  When we went to Kohl's I looked to see if they had my favorite khakis in my size and they did!  And then, I found a pair of jeans that actually fit and I loved!  (That never happens!)  And not only that, when I went to the register to check out and scratched off one of those last minute coupons, I got 30% off!  SCORE!!!

4.  Now that Christmas shopping was done and we had some time, we went to Macy's because I had two $50 gift cards from last Christmas that I had never used.  (I had been saving them for fall clothes and then we ended up selling our house and I had no shopping time.)  I did so well!  I found 3 piece outfit for dinner out and two sweaters and ended up only spending $7 because the nice lady at the register rang me up with a coupon since I didn't have one - she wasn't supposed to, but she did.  Again, just finding clothes that I like/fit is a miracle sometimes but finding clothes I like and then not having to pay much for them is positively thrilling.

5.  Had a nice birthday lunch with Jason....again, by ourselves!

6.  Went to settlement just down the road and it went perfectly!  Got to meet the buyers who seem like really nice, decent people.  (Explains why this whole process went so smoothly - rational, respectful people on both sides of the table.)  We could tell they were excited about the new house and appreciative that we'd been easy sellers too.  We answered their questions and made small talk and it was kind of enjoyable.  A really nice way to end the whole process and feel like the house that you loved is going to good people.  They don't have kids but have three cats and when I told Caroline this she was happy to hear it - girl loves some cats.  Got our check (we are temporarily well off!), gave our awesome realtor a big hug, and went home feeling quite relieved to be done with that process.  (I feel truly excited for the new house now since there are no more worries about contingency!)

7.  Went home and was welcomed by the kids (who were a little bonkers, Christmas and all) and was so grateful Jason had made a crock pot dinner.

8.  Had a nice dinner with the family and was surprised by a cake (courtesy of my mom - she has never slighted me on my birthday just because it is close to Christmas - LOVE her!) and enjoyed the rest of the evening although bedtime for the kids WAS a bit terrible but all in all, a very good day.

Jason is taking me out to dinner tonight (hence the new outfit since my fancier clothes are in storage) with my sister and her boyfriend to a new restaurant in Harbor East - cannot wait!    And then tomorrow night is my mom and dad's annual Christmas party which always serves to reunite us with good friends.

Looking forward to Christmas even though I haven't wrapped a thing.  But that's okay.  We'll get it done - cannot wait to see my kids' faces on Christmas morning!

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Bracken said...

Sounds like a fabulous birthday to me. Definitely one to remember.

I would have to agree....when you can find jeans that fit and you like, that alone is a special day :>