Thursday, December 06, 2012

A Packing We Will Go

Our buyers received their commitment letter from their bank which means they are in the final steps of their loan being approved officially.  (It went to underwriting yesterday.)  So......we are in high gear packing now and full speed ahead to moving into my parents' house this weekend and the movers will come, as scheduled, on Monday morning to move out the big furniture.  We should get word in the next few days of the settlement date but we are requesting 12/17 or 12/18.

Last night I packed up a bunch of the kitchen stuff up which felt good.  It's weird though, if you look around my house you might think that it doesn't look like a lot is packed but so many drawers and cupboards are empty now.  Tonight and tomorrow night I will be packing up clothes and all the stuff that is going to my mom's.  I think they're ready for least I hope so.

Bryce thinks it's funny that I'm moving back into the house I grew up in.  And while that's true, my mom has changed so much since I moved out over 12 years ago it almost doesn't feel like the same house.  But comforting nonetheless.

Here's hoping we are "homeless" by Christmas!!!!

Oh and they poured our footers yesterday on the new house!!  They are hoping to get the walls poured before the weekend.  That would be pretty outstanding to see that we have a basement very soon!  (Here's the concrete "injector" pouring concrete into our footers yesterday afternoon.)


Heather said...

I am so glad things are really coming together for you guys! Moving along nicely!

Katie said...

Yes! You can collect a lot-- does anyone in your family refuse to let things go????? I have one of those and it adds so much to the clutter.

Erika said...

Yes, K, Caroline is a terrible pack rat but I get rid of a lot of things when she's not looking. But there are a lot more that she needs to get rid of that my mom is going to help her with when we move into the new house. Like right now, she is hanging onto a tissue box that she turned into a house for a little stuffed mouse. Oh lord the craftiness!