Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Site Plan!!!

The prettiest thing I've seen in a long time....our site plan!!!

We should have our pre-construction meeting this weekend and then we'll be breaking ground very soon after!!  YEEHAW!  I just love looking at this.  I love seeing how the house will sit on the lot.  I love that we'll have 40 feet between our house and the other houses.  (New Baltimore County should see how close some houses are in other neighborhoods near us that were built in the later 2000's - they might as well be townhouses!)  And while the SWM area behind us is a "pond" right now it won't be for long and will grow up quickly as witnessed by the one behind my parents' house and behind our house now.  And while this lot is smaller .05 acre than our current house, we're okay with that.  Jason jokes that he'll have less lawn to mow as he gets older - plus we're already planning to put in a stone patio (rather than a deck) this time around so maybe as time goes on we'll just pave most of the back yard!  Ha! We'll have plenty of room to put in a shed and put the kids' playground back up and there will be less to maintain.  Plus with the whole yard being sodded immediately, we'll have beautiful grass we just have to maintain instead of fighting with.  I cannot wait to see the foundation dug and basement in to start getting an idea of how it's going to actually look.

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