Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quick Weekend Update

Yes, it's Tuesday.  Already.  Good gracious.  Another whirlwind weekend.

After gymnastics on Saturday morning, we switched from a 5x10 storage unit to a 15x30 unit and schlepped all of our stuff from one to the other.  Bryce and Piper had a knack for standing in the exact wrong spot as we moved stuff in and out.  Managed to get home in time and get gifts for the neighbor birthday party we attended that afternoon and evening.  It was a beautiful day for November and the kids had a great time and we had a good time catching up with some neighbors.  No one could believe how quickly we sold our house and that we are moving before Christmas.  In fact, one of our neighbors who attempted to sell their house twice before with no luck is now considering trying again after our success.  We even teased them that they should look at our new neighborhood!

We were up early on Sunday so I loaded up the van and made three trips to the storage unit before lunch with stuff from the basement.  Then, once Caroline came home from her sleepover, we loaded the kids up, made one more trip to the storage unit and went and hung out at the model house for a bit.  My parents came by (my dad had never been inside) and we met some more new neighbors.  But the big news of the day for Caroline was she finally got to meet Rachel.  Rachel lives next door to the model and is exactly one month older than Caroline.  She will finish the year out in her current school but will be attending 4th grade at our neighborhood's school!  Upon first meeting, I could tell the girls hit it off!  She was friendly, silly and had a lot of energy - just like Caroline.  She even seemed to really like Piper.  And, the icing on the cake?  Her brother plays for the Maryland football team - ha!  Go Terps!  Caroline was so cute when they told her she was outside with her dog and wanted to meet the kids.  Caroline had been eating and quickly wiped off her face before going outside to meet her - clearly she wanted to make a good impression.  We also met another guy whose in-laws live in my parents' neighborhood and my parents actually know worked together with in the community association.  Small world!  He and his wife live a few houses down from where our lot is and they have a little boy.

As for the building of our new house, sigh, we're still waiting for the permit from the county.  Can't blame the builder on this one.  Apparently there is some new energy code for 2012 and our builder exceeds all standards but Baltimore County is a bit behind and having issues.  If we break ground before December 1, I will be shocked.  Here's hoping we are underway before we settle on this house.

Then on Monday, Jason and I took the day off so we could spend the morning in Bryce and Caroline's classes for American Education Week.  It was nice just to see what a normal morning was like in their classes and see the things they've been talking about the past few months.  We left as Caroline's class went to lunch and headed home to gear up for more moving.  We loaded up the van and SUV twice and made trips to storage.  The basement is much emptier and we have all the deck furniture stored.  We are still waiting to pack the rest of the house until we get official approval that the buyer's loan is approved although I did pack up our crystal and china since they were just up on high shelves and don't matter if for some reason we'd have to start showing the house again.  (I certainly hope not.)

We also had an estimate on foggy window and it won't need a complete replacement, just a repair and that should happen right around Thanksgiving.  Whew.

So it's three days in the office for me and then I will be off again on Friday to take my dad for an outpatient hernia surgery.  Poor guy.  Here's hoping it goes according to plan and he's on the mend quickly.

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Katie said...

I'm not surprised yours sold fast-- you guys keep a nice house with nice upgrades!

Can't wait for you to break ground! So exciting!!!