Friday, November 30, 2012

Little Sick

Caroline didn't go to school yesterday (her first missed day this year) because on Wednesday night she had a low grade fever, was flushed, said she felt weak and "weird."  She had had an irritated throat that had improved so I let her stay home to see what happened.  My MIL gave her more ibuprofen at lunch time when she started feeling bad again but mostly she was fine.  Last night I told her she could go to school today as long as she didn't have a fever and she didn't like hearing that very much.  This morning she woke up without any temperature elevation but I went ahead and gave her a preemptive dose of ibuprofen anyway.  She also seemed to be losing her voice a little and sounded more like she had a cold which I think Piper and I are fighting off too.  Poor kid.  I know things aren't perfect at school for her right now and when she's not feeling great she tends to exaggerate how "bad" it is.  I know she doesn't feel like she fits in a lot of the time but I also know she has several kids who DO like her and are the friendly type.  Of course this doesn't stop her from saying that "everybody thinks I'm weird and gross" or that "everyone thinks I'm a nerd."  When she starts talking like that I ask her about the kids she does like and if they think that about her and she says no.

I think a lot of this is developmental and she's entering that awkward phase of the pre-teen years.  I know that things in our new school will be different but until that happens she just has to keep her chin up and focus on the kids that are truly nice to her.  It's nothing terrible just a bunch of kids with bad attitudes and cliques.  The guidance counselor and teacher are well aware of some of the personality conflicts in the class and thankfully one of the more negative kids is moving soon.  I feel terrible that Caroline is not feeling totally accepted by her class but glad that our move to get them into a new school is already on the horizon because if it weren't this certainly would have been the impetus to start looking.  Whew!


Heather said...

Yup, she's right there...this is the year I see all the girl friendship issues. Hang in there Caroline...!!!

Erika said...

Thanks H - it's actually good to hear that. Makes it feel more normal.