Monday, November 26, 2012

It Was a Good Thanksgiving!

I had hopes of updating some this weekend.  That never happened.  From the time I got off work on Tuesday evening, it was go go go!

Wednesday:  Caroline and Bryce made the honor roll (yay!) so their award breakfast was that morning.  My MIL graciously still came down to take Piper to school and stayed to help in class.  I was able to get there by 10:15 to help and see Piper in action in class.  It was freaking adorable.  They had a very nice Thanksgiving meal too. Piper was just thrilled I could finally be there and I can understand why she likes her school so much.  After that we ran home, saw the appraiser finishing up her job, and then scooted over to my mom's to help with Thanksgiving dinner prep.  Finished up there in enough time to get the kids from school and take them to get allergy shots.  Stopped by the model house on our way back to pick up another load of free boxes and got home in time to get ready to go to eat dinner at our usual Thanksgiving Eve place - Pizza John's.  Bryce decided to spend the night at my mom's so it was a much quieter evening and next morning as a result.  Here are some photos from the day on Wednesday:

Apparently there were cheese balls at the first Thanksgiving too.

Thursday:  The girls played so nicely and watched the parade while I made stuffing and got ready to go to my mom's.  We arrived shortly after 11am and in time to see Santa arrive in the parade.  In addition to part of my dad's family and my family, the daughter of one of my parents' good friends was there with her family.  They have two kids, aged 5 and 2 who are wonderful.  The kids had so much fun playing with them.  It was a great day and we stayed LATE into the evening.  My mom and I even went to Target at 9pm to try and get  deal but after going in and experiencing the chaos we have been forever cured of any Black Friday shopping.  We happily left empty handed after 10 minutes.  

Friday:  The kids played with neighbors while we ran back and forth to storage.  The basement and garage are pretty much empty. 

Saturday:  Another busy day!  Gymnastics at 9am followed by a holiday decorating party at the model house.  We got to meet more of our neighbors and hear all kinds of interesting building/move-in stories from several other couples.  I think we're going to really like our new neighborhood!  Everyone that has kids was so happy to see other kids that are moving in too.  By 2pm, we left and headed south to our friends in Columbia's house.  The kids were thrilled to see Zoe and Taki and play with all the other kids that were there too.  I love that the holidays always give us more opportunities to see one another!

Sunday:  Jason tackled taking apart the kids' playground while I got groceries and started packing the family room, living room, and kitchen.  We were all feeling a little sad that the long weekend was almost over though and the prospect of how much has to be done in the next two weeks.

Jason said for the first time last night he felt sad about leaving.  I have moments myself here and there and it's easy not to think about it with having so much to do.  I think it's normal especially when we've had a great 9 years here.  All 3 kids were babies here - that's kind of hard to part with but thankfully I have thousands of photos to capture it.  Plus, we know once we are in the new house and settled it will become ours in a matter of months.  I think just having the few months of not having a house will be the tough part.  

But there was much to be thankful for and I am done all of my Christmas shopping for the kids.  Jay and I aren't exchanging gifts so now I have to tackle our parents, my siblings, and some other gifts.  I'm really hoping that things are settled enough at my mom's the weekend after we move in to do some baking as I really like doing that for teachers and some other gifts.  

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