Monday, November 19, 2012

Growing Pains

It seems Piper is going through some issues right now.  Figures since the other two seem mostly fine.  Piper's issue?  She cries about everything.  EVERYTHING!!!  This past weekend was "Piper Cry Cry Weekend."  OMG.  Enough already.  And on top of that, she's been a bit nasty to her siblings too.  Now, I will say that Bryce does NOT help the situation at all.  He is constantly critical of pretty much everything she does and says.  However, Caroline is usually the one Piper gets along with - but she certainly took it out on her this weekend which doesn't make any sense.  In the past few weeks, Caroline has had "alone nights" with each of her grandmothers and in both situations, Piper cried and cried that she missed Caroline.  In fact, both times Piper had to talk to Caroline on the phone because she missed her so much.  However, upon returning Piper has lashed out at Caroline over various things.  Yesterday she ended up kicking Caroline in the face because she was angry at her.  Nice.  I know Piper was tired at that point which I'm sure helped fuel it but not acceptable.  She apologized to her later but Caroline said she didn't forgive her which made Piper even angrier.

Both my girls, let's face it, are dramatic.  Oh good gracious they are.  Although Bryce certainly got his share of the drama gene too lest you think raising a boy is supposed to be "easier" than raising a girl.  Piper seems to be coming into her own in terms of drama but in a different way with her being the youngest.  She tries to rely heavily on being the youngest and still being seen as somewhat of a baby.  We tell her all the time that she's a big girl and NOT a baby but we'll still see her do things and try to get away with it  because she thinks she's cute and that she's a baby.  She thinks she needs a lot more help than Caroline did at age four - that's for certain.  We've been trying very hard to be consistent with her on things and making her do them when we know she can.  That can be hard sometimes though because she still seems so little by comparison and she can be very cute and sweet when she wants to be.

She also has a new habit that we hate where if you scold her, especially Jason, she runs and hides her face and cries really hard like you just hurt her soul.  Sigh.  She has a hard time staying put for an entire meal too. That WILL stop as I have no tolerance for kids that won't sit at the table for a mealtime.  Jason assures me that Caroline went through something similar so I'm hoping she'll figure out quickly she is expected to do the same as her siblings.

So Piper has a lot of time outs in her future to combat all this stuff.  Not that she hasn't had time outs before but I don't think we've been as consistent with her.  I hate the thought of making my baby grow up too fast but in the case of her behavior lately, something has got to give.

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Heather said...

Yup, Gretchen went through that phase at that age too. Its exhausting. Its like living with an overly emotional pregnant woman! It was awful. Good luck!