Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Wishes

It's that time folks, time to make Christmas lists!  I'm a bit preoccupied right now so this is tough for me.  All I can think about is pack pack pack and the thought of bringing NEW stuff in makes me nauseous.  But, this is why I'm happy we are moving out BEFORE Christmas instead of right after.  And I'm thankful that my mom is a good sport - I can have things delivered to her house.

To be honest, I really don't have much on the kids' lists this year.  But I think, gulp, this is going to be the year of the Nintendo DS.  Yup.  I've been broken down.  And given the prices of those things, they won't be getting a lot more than that.  But Caroline and Bryce are prepared for that and I think that they want one SO much that getting one and maybe one game will be a BIG deal.  Piper, however, is not old enough for a DS yet and while she's still getting a lot of use out of our old Leapsters, I think I'm going  to get her a V-tech InnoTab.  It's a tablet (like a kid's iPad) but it's all learning activities and I know she will like it.  It's not as expensive as a DS but it will be a big hit.  It's funny to see how outdated our Leapsters are after only a few years - but they were definitely a great gift and I think the kids will continue to use them because they do like the games.  The other good thing about tech gifts is that they are SMALL and will be less to put away/store since we'll be living at my mom's and not want to overburden the house!

In addition to their technology gifts, I've already gotten all three kids some things for their new rooms in the new house.  I kind of feel a little bad for giving them things they can't use right away but I know that when we move in these things will be very appreciated.  I've gotten each of the girls one of these because they saw something similar in the model house and LOVED them.  They are both kind of into fairies right now so I think these will look so cute in their new rooms.

In addition, I've gotten all three of them some removable wall decals to decorate their rooms.  Bryce will be getting Star Wars, Caroline puppies and kittens, and Piper fairy garden.  Bryce already has some sports ones and they are great because they don't damage the wall when you remove them and look great on the wall.

As for that, I'd like to get them each a few smaller things but I'm not quite sure what.  I also know I will need to come up with some gift ideas for their grandmothers too.   We already told Caroline that we are going to get her a new bike for her birthday (she gets to pick it out) so at least that will be easy.  Bryce and Caroline both have some books on their gift lists too and perhaps a Kindle giftcard for Caroline too.

I think Jason and I are going to either not do gifts at all for one another or keep it very small.  I'm already in a slight panic about what to give our family members.  It might just end up being a gift card Christmas this year much to my dislike but that might be the extent of what I'm capable of this year.  Next year though....I will make up for it and get back to the usual thought I put into gifts.


Katie said...

Good thinking on Xmas. No need for big stuff. I think when we moved, even though we already sold, we only put up minimal decor and the kids were young enough that their gifts weren't a big deal (and we only get a couple of small things from relatives.)

I love the petal canopies. I have seen that look in PBK & always wanted to do it. I might let L & T have something like that, but only when T is old enough not to tug on it. I love it though.

As for a DS, we are under the radar on that. Of course, Emily is asking for a computer, so we haven't escaped the expensive technology wish lists either.LOL.

Don't forget to let yourself relax & enjoy! I regret not letting myself relax during our move. It'll all work out.

Katie said...

Oh wait, scratch that, we signed our contract on Christmas Eve now that I remember it. But still, minimal decor went up that year.