Monday, November 05, 2012

(Almost) SOLD!!!

We are under contract!  We are under contract!!!!!!

We had two showings on Friday, our first since the hurricane and our first since we'd turned down a crappy offer last week.  We both were feeling anxious about it because we were second guessing ourselves about the first offer and wondering if it was the best we were going to get.  It wasn't!

Friday evening, our realtor came by to put his weekend signs out and told us that we might be getting an offer later.  After not getting an offer when we thought we were going to get one a few weeks ago and then getting a crappy one last week, I didn't get excited.  But, when both of our phones buzzed indicating an email during dinner, Jason and I rushed to the computer to see the offer document.

And it was GOOD.  Great, in fact.  It seems these buyers are very prepared!   And they don't want to settle until 12/20!  Happy Birthday to me!  A lot of people look at me when I tell them we are moving out before Christmas like they can't believe I'm happy about it, but in all honesty, I think it's better than having to move out right after Christmas.  This way, we won't decorate for Christmas at all and can just have Christmas with my mom & dad.  (She decorates her house so beautifully at Christmas, we certainly won't miss out on any holiday cheer.)  In addition to all the other good things, it appears that the buyers don't want the playground - the one thing I was particularly sad about leaving.  Waiting for official confirmation on that but they didn't check it off on their sheet as they did all our other disclosures so we're pretty sure we can take it with us.  (We had included it to possibly entice a family with children.)  So we'll take it semi-apart and install it in the new house.  I was sad about leaving it because the kids do still play on it and I felt bad that Piper loves to swing so much.  Now, I'm so happy!

So now we wait to find out when the inspection and appraisal are scheduled.  The appraisal isn't a worry since it was appraised in 2011 for a refinance and it was close to what we we asked for.  Hoping that the inspection goes well too although I know that the inspector will find something because it's almost like they HAVE to.  Hoping for no surprises though.  That will be the last time we have to make the house look nice and then once the final loan is approved, it's PACKING time.

However, in the meantime, we'll still go ahead with packing up the basement.  Our realtor cautions against taking the house apart until the loan is approved just in case something were to fall through and then we'd have to re-show the house.  Hopefully that won't happen though, but there's no issue with moving stuff out of the basement or packing up things you can't see.  We'll actually go this weekend and move our stuff from our 5x10 storage unit into a bigger unit and start moving stuff out.

I cannot believe we got a contract in 17 days of being on the market.  But I chalk it all up to a good realtor who advised us well on our asking price, how to get our house looking its best, great photos online, and a LOT of hard work on our parts in September and early October.  We're definitely on the "downhill" now and hoping that things continue along on this path.  I'm just so happy to be done with showings.  I know, I know, 17 days of showing a house does not count for anything grueling, but it is stressful.  A big thank you to my MIL who had to vacate the house with Piper for showings and put the last minute "polish" on the house before leaving.  We couldn't have gotten to this point without the support of our parents....I know they'll continue to be there for us as we get closer to settling on the new house!

I feel like I'm finally getting truly excited about the new house because I'm not as stressed about selling.  I'll probably feel even better once the buyer's loan is approved and we just count down to moving.

We'll probably officially move in with my parents the middle weekend of December.  Hard to believe Christmas 2011 was our last Christmas in our current home and not knowing what 2012 would bring.  Already looking forward to Christmas 2013 in our new house....cannot wait to completely reconfigure our Christmas decorations!  

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Bracken said...

That is wonderful news for you guys. Congratulations.